Close call raid


Probably a thread on this but couldn’t find it… But what’s the closest victory you’ve had on a raid… I’ll start with mine below…


:grin: :grinning: :laughing: Very good topic!!! I had some encounters that ended like that… well… not quite :laughing: … Yours was an amazing stroke of luck :laughing: Sorry I have no pics to post on this matter. But if this topic is to grow, people should also post pictures of close call defeats, which I also had my share…


That’s a fun topic, but I think you already have the winning picture!

I’ll keep an eye on mine


To top this there would have to be a dot on the last survivor. :smile:


@JonahTheBard I fear nobody will improve this… You may me right there :rofl:
But this is a very nice achievment for sure!


Only one hero left, only my Joon alive. I had to kill that hero with 100% hp so my Joon (around 60 hp) casted his special at him. He missed both special and subsequent attack, making me win the battle.
No screenshot but…

:trophy: for Joon


I got 2-3 times already with 5, 15 and 23 or so. But this is priceless xD


Hahaha, this is a thread after my own heart :grin:
I love close wins and get them quite a lot. My ally mates have started joking about doing Anja-style raiding :joy:

Do it Anja-style :grin:


Here’s a recent one but not right at Victory screen. I did manage to win this one. :joy:


I want so bad someone post a raid using a team of 5 Alberichs against 5 red heroes.

So bad.


Not the first, just the most recent.


Not as impressive but close nonetheless


It doesn’t get any closer…


Gotta love it when it goes to the wire!


You even had a -def! Way to squeak by with the Victory!




No point in starting a new thread for Defeats. The heading covers both


I’ve had that, worse when you have a hero on a special and you know that you’re about to get hit and beaten.


Nobody will ever beat yours, not even match it, most likely, but anyway, here is my latest :sunglasses: