Climb to the Top----Join Knights of the Order

Are you looking for an alliance where everyone participates in war and Titan battles? We have two spots open and looking for a couple of players to join us as we continue our journey to the top of the ranks. We have a successful war strategy, and all members are expected to use all war and titan flags. We are currently taking down 9* titans with ease. We use Line to communicate and strategize, Our members are from all over the world, so there is almost always someone available to answer any questions,. Our members range from level 29 to 58.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

I’d love to join. Level 33, about 2000 trophies and always active and growing.

Just leveled up to level 34. How can I join? I’m looking to move this weekend. Thanks.

@Rook @Kerridoc or other moderator available…could you please close this thread. I am no longer with this alliance. Thank you!

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