[Clicky Clicky] How many Gunnar ? v1.1 [Poll]

[Clicky Clicky] How many Gunnar ? v1.1 [Poll]

How many Gunnar ( 3* Blue, 387 attack, 533 defense, 656 HP, SLOW mana speed, +63% defense all & share damage all for 5 turns ) is enough in a player’s hero roster:

  • Zero Gunnar, that is what miracle scrolls are for
  • One Gunnar is enough to get a Royal Tabard from those two Vampire Lords
  • Two Gunnar because Spirit Link is Slow mana speed
  • Three Gunnar because alliance wars
  • Four Gunnar because every raid defense team needs more Gunnar
  • Five Gunnar because that last slot on the raid defense team looks lonely
  • Six Gunnar because the art is so awesome, why wouldn’t you want to look at it
  • Seven Gunnar because seven is a lucky number
  • Eight Gunnar, admit it, at this point your just silly
  • Nine Gunnar, guaranteed +2 to special skill for main Gunnar

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I couldn’t help myself… :grin:

So your wife has quit playing e&p and you need someone to talk to eh

So be it, the mighty internet has spoken:

You gotta do the whole set!

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I did a ten blue pull and got 4 Gunnars! How “lucky” was that! Pulled Kiril and Boril for my last 2 so it want a total just.

I recently needed only a good Blue for my alt account, but they needed to work well with Delilah, so no Spirit Link or Riposte. I did 5 single pulls - Gunnar, Gunnar, Boril, Boril, Gunnar. :frowning: I already had one of each beforehand. I still need one good blue to work well with Delilah.

Is it me or are certain heroes just harder to level up special abilities with? I had the toughest time leveling up Layla’s final 2 levels after fully ascending her and feeding her numbers of Fletchers, Nightshades, Juliuses, Thilthuses, and even duplicate Laylas. Never occurred to me to try to get 4x Layla for 100% chance. I eventually got her fully maxed without going 4x Layla.

I am now stuck with the dude of the hour Gunnar at 6 of 8 and attained and he is fully ascended and level maxed at ^3 Level 50. I don’t remember having this much trouble with his other 3* co-workers that I have in my possession when it comes to specials leveling (Azar, Karil, Ulmer, Prisca, Bane, Balthazar…)… I am not sure why, but I hear other people having special abilities lv up with Gunnar too.

Coincidence…? I wonder.

@Rook has the worst Gunnar I’ve ever seen - 3/8 on the special, which is the lowest it could possibly be. That’s incredibly bad luck.


Yeah…I keep it as a cautionary tale… :wink:

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Any 3* Hero has a 1 in 17 chance of never increasing the special skill leaving it at 3/8 ( see Rook’s hero ). Luckily, once you get legendary training up and have won a decent number of Epic Hero tokens from loots, you can slowly start adding 4* heroes to your team. 4* heroes have a much better chance of being 8/8 before max tier, max ascension.

However, even a 3/8 3* hero is not useless, see Grave Damage and Why some players use 2+ heroes of the same color

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Thank you Gryphonknight for the response and looks like @Rook has accepted his fate of having the 3/8 Gunnar and it’s quite widely known.

The extensive analysis you did on the separate thread was a massive read, I will have to visit that when I have more time. In briefly skimming through it, it seems to talk about the justification for going with 2x heroes of same color over rainbow 5 depending on the situation. I have often wondered the benefit of missing one color and have the shield matches of that missing color do 1 damage (hero missing) vs. having rainbow lineup that would do damage (might not optimal, but at least some). The shield comes in all colors and is randomized, after all.

Any way, for me, I would probably still try to feed Gunnar occasionally, or perhaps I will save up future Gunnar draws just to up the chances. Sure, I might be wasting resources, but I am sort of a completionist when it comes to something I already have and spent time on, and in no big hurry or plans to ascend to the top of the leaderboards. I have some 4* already acquired from summon tokens, will see where the game takes me.

Pssst, her fate :grin:


Ooops, duly noted. :sunglasses:

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Update on this poll:
For 4* heroes have found Kiril’s average mana speed Blessed Brew ( basically 28% immediate heal plus a free Dragon banner ) superior to Gunnar’s slow mana speed Spirit Link.

Probably will hold onto one Gunnar in case I need him for still in development Rare stages ( only 3* heroes ) of reflect red event.

For reflect red event it will be pretty obvious when you test it out why no red ( reflected color ) and double blue ( strong against red ) is good.

Against a red boss, without reflect red, it can be a bit tricky. Double strong color means replacing your hero with a weak color ( half damage to center of raid/ war defense team, titan, or boss ) in this case green is the weak color, with a second hero with a strong color ( double damage to the above ) in this case blue is the strong color.

The tricky ones are Double strong color & double neutral color AND triple strong color. I am trying to work on a basic primer for those, but it is tough to explain without using probability math.

A math outline for triple would be great.

I had (simplistically?) though that triple and double were both the same damage increase over rainbow (11% given an even board). So I never really used x3. Am I wrong?

It gets more interesting with the element link ability and would make clear sense to triple up there if not losing any other stacking effects.

The problem with non-rainbow teams are orphan colors on the board. Orphan color problems are reduced when fighting a titan since you don’t have to fight through 2- 4 waves of mobs leaving you with increased chance of large chunks of orphan colors caused by player matching ( Note 1 ).

Like learning the intricacies of raiding and war, learning the tactics for a double strong hero team is easiest, triple strong hero team is harder, double strong+ double neutral hero team is hardest. While double and triple strong can increase your board damage, it still helps to have a team of good heroes when using this strategy. Some heroes just suck and a best used for increasing board damage or meat shields to spread out enemy attacks.

Note 1

Versus random board

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