Clerics & Sorcerers

The best heroes seem to be clerics, sorcerers and a few rogues.

Does it happen only to me or do you also have just a few cool classes?

I love the monks too :slight_smile:

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Clerics, hm nah, I have Kunchen and Hansel. Elk is there too but I wouldn’t dub him the best really… For sorcerer I have Sabina and CC. Do you have that many great sorcerers (who??)?

I’m however overloaded with sweet barbarians and rangers. GMX2 Kage, Athena, Seshat, Lianna… My 4* barbarians have been stripped or never got anything to begin with. And wizards! HelX2, Proteus, Kiril…

Mitsy and Ursl, then Cat, GilRa and Jahangir.

And a bunch of emblem-deserving clerics, Mother x2, Ariel, Grazul, Boril, Hansel…

I need many cleric emblems.


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