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This is not an ad for a secretary. My Viv costume just became of age. The Primary Viv is +4(749, 746,1496) with the costume @(741,753,1511). To level the costume I have use clerical help. I was thinking of pulling emblems for either Rigard+19(670,729,1344) orHansel+18(764,637,1311) but both of these 4*s are part of my 3-2 go to teams based on the tanks. The other kicker is I have the costume for Rigard and next to a costume Melendor, Hansel had the highest HP’s of all my greens.

C-Vivi just replaced +1Onatel in def team which is now
Zimkitty +4, Drake+7, Seshat +8, C-Vivi +4, Morgan +9

Do I be patient or pull emblems know that I will need at least 2M+ ham to a +7 or 8 which can bump Def to 789 and att to 769 for starters OR WAHT???

There seem to be no alternative if you want several talented clerics.

Olmor I think are you saying that I should sit?

Wait for emblems and grind up your talents one by one. There’s no need to hurry. Nothing to win by putting many emblems on one hero but cups.

With a deeper roster you’re able to compete in more situations like events and wars.

On the other hand…
…a high power def to show off. :wink:

Be patient since it’s a game of patience. Nothing to win, nothing to lose, just have a good time.


not looking to show-off but to get six kills in war. Patience has not been my venture. I had to learn to hit on my hand waiting for placentas to keep me from doing things i shouldn’t. sounds like the same story here.

Hope dropping Onatel for C-Vivi doesn’t get me killed. I’m one of our alliances anchors


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Unless you make a mistake with your emblems… and both Rigard and Hansel are great 4*… my rule if you get a better option is just to use the new emblems on your new choice.

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