Cleric, Wizard, and Reset

Hi, I’m just wondering, why do I not see Cleric and Wizard emblems come up more often , they hardly ever come up and why not the Reset button as well, that never comes up, is there a specific rotation for those particular items ?, thanks in advance.

Random emblem drops are just that. Random. If you are getting less of a particular emblem, that is just RNG. The Class Quests rotate on a set schedule, however.

Reset emblems were said before to be extremely rare loot. I’ve gotten 2 from raid tournaments and 2 from alliance war chests. I’ve never gotten one from a standard monster/raid chest, or a titan, or even an elemental chest.

Reset emblems are especially rare, however among the other 10 emblems, which one you get from a random drop is 100% random.


Hi, thanks for your response, I’ve gotten 4 reset buttons but don’t want to use them just yet, what I’m most need is the cleric and wizard emblems, they seem to be very extremely rare, I haven’t seen them even in the emblem quests, I hope they come up soon

I have some heros that I would like to use them on and others I would like to put them on. I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping and waiting a very long time, thanks again

The quests rotate on a fixed order. You can read about that here:

Sunday is Cleric and Druid.
Next Wednesday is Wizard and Sorcerer trial.

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They are like everything else. You’ll for some reason get lots of some and very few of others… then talk to the next guy who’s opposite.

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Since I have no worthy clerics / wizards (Finally pulled Rigard and Kirill last week, but they’re not levelled), it seems to me like there are far too many of the cleric and wizard emblems. (Previously, I had received two or three chests with big rogue emblem stores while my only maxed rogue was Carver… But now I was able to get a respectable level onto Marjana.)

It evens out somewhere along the line. Funny how the RNG picks different things to annoy each of us. He loves to give me compasses, but not gloves.

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