☀ Cleopatra – Season 5 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

This hero is just far too good at average speed. 65% heal is huge. Plus add on 60% chance of cleanse and 10% overheal. Just when SG had done something good to make F2P viable, then they break it again. Compared to any other healer she is just so much better. Pure stupidity.

I already smell the nerf…

And the problem was Xnolphod? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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65?!?!?! Bloody hell. That’s bad enough. But then the ailment protection for all allies on top of that and potential bonus healing, and that’s not even counting all the family and passive bonuses. That’s just absurd.

What is SG doing? Surely people in Beta must’ve told them this was too much.

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In practice, with the ridiculous heroes we already have in the game her 65% is not that enormous as it sounds…she actually heals your wounds after being hit by Khufu so your heroes can withstand another hits in the next turn. With regular healer (e.g. 42%), you’ll be dead next round.

With 4% cleric bonus and 20% troop bonus that is effectively 81% heal, pretty massive.

I once experienced Director Zuri heal a near dead Mother North (dont remember costume or not) a full 92%
Are there other factors that can have been at play?
Anyway its pretty heavy

She is really strong, but I would not say she is OP. Now “ordinary” healers, that do not give boosted health, are of limited use. In most cases 65% heal is no different from 30% or 42% as the heroes will be healed only to their max health (maybe lowered) anyway.
65% with overheal she will be OP, as it is now (overheal not sure and limited to 10%) she is only a good healer, comparable to Zuri, Raffaele or Passepartout.
In her case being Average does not help (at least on defence), as it is more likely she will fire before her allies will receive significant damage.

With healing boost from mana troops she will heal many 5* for 1000+. Its insane.

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I agree!

That 65% is a :zap: NERF :zap: summoner!
Like Xnolphod who got it in the end! :axe:
(hope not cause she is an amazing hero! :heart_eyes:)

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If I add Alexandrine and Mia that will give everyone a nice mana boost and increase the healing everyone gets at the same time. So watch me not even come close to getting her. lol

I got her. Is she the healer that I want, not really. She only blocks new status ailments and doesnt cleanse any already applied. She would be sought after if she could do both. Also wish she gave boosted health for every blocked ailment instead of just additional healing points.




You can’t blame them, they’re only underwhelmed because of the heroes they’re fighting against. I agree with the above poster, just missing that boosted health upon ailment and I think she would be super viable. Otherwise she’s really darn good, but in my humble opinion not game breaking chase worthy.


Honestly I don’t find her that broken. Granted, I may double-back on that when I actually fight her, but so far I don’t think she is. Yes, she heals a ton. On the other hand she does only that and blocks debuffs (with conversion of additional healing) but that can be easily dispelled (Priority dispeller such as Louhi or Ametrine is welcome here) or blocked before (C-Sabine). There is an additional 10% heal from Family bonus but that’s it. Meanwhile Director Zuri heals at least for 42%, heals most wounded hero for 65%, adds another 15% with minion that also deals damage and also cleanses everything, plus her family bonus ensures that keeping debuffs on her is difficult so no getting cute with mindless even if cleric bonus doesn’t block her outright. She is not really that more powerful than Zuri, if at all.

Also I don’t get why people thing Cleo is OP and Esme is total trash when Esme has HP boost of 650HP on average speed that cannot be blocked by fiends.


I’m not really seeing. She’s good, she’s average. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I mean it’s not life changing having a good healer.

Terrible artwork by the way. She’s looking away, looks like she’s in the process of putting on that head covering, and her garb is a giant blotch of red that makes her look either pregnant or pear-shaped.

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That’s my jam! I appreciate that she’s not cinched at the waist and has a crazy hour-glass figure like almost every other female hero in the game.


Pls SG care more about the game, I know Beta did warn you and of course it was ignored.

YT link

[(Empires & Puzzles : Test of the légendaire Cleopatra ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ - YouTube)]

Heal with passive:

Heal without passive:

Too much heal on average. What happens in very fast wars?? Imagine 2 cleos on flanks.

Not good


Here are my thoughts!


Given the way most players stack colors and go mono on attack, healers that have limited/no overheal will be at a disadvantage.

What I mean is that on attack, the pattern of damage usually isn’t “slow and steady, chipping away at the defense”. Rather, most attacking teams do large amounts of damage in short bursts.

Many players attack with color stacked heroes that will charge together and have their specials used simultaneously. For example: EDD (Sergei, Evelyn), then DD (tiburtus, marcel), then damage dealer (killhare, quenell). Defensive heroes usually don’t survive these 3 specials unleashed on a single turn (especially if newer offensive heroes are used).

It wouldn’t matter if a healer could heal 100% if the heroes are dead.