Cleansing Wilbur's Special

So, earlier tonight I faced a team that had Wilbur as a tank for their defense team who fired off his special. My team had ZimKitty on it who, in turn, fired off her special to cleanse Wilbur’s feast. What happened next surprised me because the damage link didn’t disappear but the defense down did, which meant that Wilbur’s special turned into a buff for my team… my only thing is if that was supposed to happen or if it’s some sort of bug?

Has anyone else come across this issue before and if so, why hasn’t this been a topic of discussion before? It is my firm belief that this makes Wilbur exceptionally risky on defense because there are too many cleaners out there that could turn his special into a buff for their own team.

damage link is supposed to be a buff, not an ailment


There is topic about Wilbur
There this effect you saw is described.

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There is every chance that Wilbur can be a liability on defence for this reason - the AI won’t react to facing a cleanser or buffer like Kirill who nullify Wilbur’s special.

That’s why when I used wilbur on defense I also used multiple heroes who dispell buffs. -44% defense to the attacking team is always good for my defending team, but spirit link can be a liability. Even Kiril can fix the attacking team if wilbur on defense uses his special.

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