Cleansing Heroes

Who do you think hero with the best cleansing/ swiping all enemies skill? 4* and 5* heroes??
My choice
4* = Little John
5* = Isarnia
But their mana is not fast
What’s your choice??

Do you mean AOE heroes?

Isa, Azlar and Zim

I don’t have zim already.
And Azlar is so easy to get down.
Same as Colen does

Azlar is much tougher to kill than Little John is. I’d much rather take a LJ hit than an Azlar hit!

None of those cleanse…


On cleansing Zimkitha have the upper hand but as deadly AoE special (and self cleanse) Yunan is the best.

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Oh yeahh, i forgot Yunan and Rana are freakin Badas too.

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