Cleaning up the main screen

Right now, the bottom of the main screen gets very crowded and that’s with two sets to toggle between. One way to clean things up might be a “flag selector”.

Right now, quests, raids, and map all get separate icons. I feel like they can be merged into one icon that pops up choices. (Titans can be included here too and street the attack you go back to your stronghold instead of season 1.)

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Bottom left becomes a multi-color flag… Red/Blue/Purple. When clicked, I pops up three separate flags so you can select the type you want to use. For titan and raid, you go straight to the appropriate screen. For world, it changes to three new options – season 1, season 2, or quest. (When season 3 launches, you can add that choice here too.)

There’s no perfect way to do this but having them climb up the left side of the screen gets annoying.

PS: I’m not sure if this has been discussed… Feel free to merge if it has. I searched every way I could think of but nothing came up…

I don’t mind them on the left. I would find it more annoying having to do multiple clicks to get to where I want to be. Which is why I never get to the titan through the Alliance screen. Extra clicks.

One idea would be to have them hidden unless there is something to do there. For example, don’t show the “Quests” button if all quests are completed.

Best cleanup would be to NOT constantly show the ad buttons when you have already quit the ad window screen.

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I definitely like this way of doing it.

I think my biggest annoyance comes from hitting the titan and then being sent to the season 1 screen. It’s very rare that the next thing I want to do is be there …

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