Clean-up Strategies (Need Help)

Hi everyone, I am a two-year player at level 66. Recently, in alliance wars, clean-ups started to become a problem. As we are getting stronger our opponents are getting stronger (naturally) and most of the clean-ups consist of 5* heroes with +20 talents. However, the members that are responsible for the clean-ups cannot take down these opponents with one flag (most of the time). I was always the member that has stronger teams and deeper bench so I do not usually do clean-ups and cannot give proper advice to my teammates.
Can you give some advice (considering they are low level ftp players) about:

  1. What they can do during the war? What type of offense teams do you suggest (mono/ 3-2/ 4-1/ 2-2-1)? What type of heroes would be better?
  2. What they can do before the war? Which heroes should they focus on (5*, 4* or 3*)?
    Thanks in advance :slight_smile: and sorry for any mistake regarding my English (I am not a native speaker)

Edit: Today I have shared the responses and the advice that you all gave with my teammates. Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

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I have recently been facing several solo 5-star 20-emblem premium heroes with my side accounts. Those consist of 3* rainbow team of snipers…and pretty much nothing else. Still, they were able to take out the opposing hero almost in every scenario. So I’d say that for a new F2P player the best thing they can do for war is to focus on their 3* roster and level up 30 heroes of 3* or higher to 50 lvl ASAP. Also, it’s best if the bulk of these 3* heroes are snipers such as Bane, Nashgar or Valen.

Also monocolor 3* teams tend to do pretty well in breaching a tank of a way more powerful group. Plus it could even take out a couple other heroes along the way. If the board favours you of course.

Edit: Higher level trainer heroes (3* or 4*, and now we will even have 5* in the new challenge event) tend to survive pretty well in a monocolor warteam, so if nothing else is available for the newbie to complete such a team, those could help a lot.

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  1. Study the surviving heroes, their skills, the troop supporting them, emblems, remaining health, and identify which are the weakest and the strongest, the most threatening and the least threatening. Type of war support needs to be considered, i.e. field aid, arrow attacks, very fast wars, etc.
  2. Use heroes of the same color/s; stacking; You should know what your heroes do.
  3. Ghost tiles;
  4. Avoid hitting remaining defenders while ghosting as much as possible in order not to expedite their mana charging;
  5. Charge your hero specials;
  6. Target or snipe the most threatening enemy hero (may be a powerful AOE, sniper or one that has mana close to be fully charged).
  7. Repeat Item Nos. 3-6.

If there are 3-4 favorable tiles directed to an enemy hero weak against the said tiles, go for it at any stage in those above-enumerated steps.


Firstly, welcome back to the forum @Alexandra97. Your English is just fine.

Perhaps ask team mates to record their war hits, then give informed feedback?! You might give great advice like @Ultra suggested above, but reviewing the actual battle you learn so much more.

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Yes I can…but this might take a long time.

Considering cleanups of 1 or 2 heroes left.

Choosing heroes and formation

  • formation: as you have room for ghosting even bringing more colors will work…like 2 - 2 - 1. As a rule of the thumb the higher the power difference the more you should stack.
  • take strong color heroes, whenever possible, avoid weak color heroes
  • simply take the highest you have 3* 3.50, 4* 3.60, 5* 3.x might work
  • take a healer, 3* should be ok to recover from slash attacks…not more than one as you will need hitting power
  • choose hitting heroes, single target hitting should be best they will do highest damage…avoid other support heroes, you wanna kill with specials
  • choose heroes that come with a protecting ailment for your team : Bane (blind), GanJu/Azar (mana cut), Berden (attack down), CarverC (mana slow down), RenfeldC (Manasteal), Proteus (poison and mana stop) … DoT might work but 3* and 4* DoT is way lower so this is not important as a good ailment
  • even slow heroes might work as there is more room for ghosting
  • going against healers choose heroes that manipulate healing… Hisan, Arman, Gafar, Fura, Perseus (reduce healing) Vlad, Valeria (steal healing)

Choosing the right target

  • choose a fitting target (color) for the heroes you have available…if a blue target requires green heroes and if you have none ask another player to attack
  • know the traps : AoE hitters like Isarnia or Azlar can wipe out your team of fully leveled 3* with one single special attack…it is no shame to be reluctant to hit and leave it to another player with stronger heroes…even hit-3 heroes like Richard, Elkanen might be problematic…snipers like Marjana, Lianna, Joon are easiest targets as they only can kill 1 hero at a time
  • attacking single healers (Kunchen) might be a real problem if you only have 3* heroes…even in 10 minutes you simply can’t kill him…so this is another common trap

Tile play and using specials

  • DO NOT HIT THE HERO WITH TILES!…think this might be the most common mistake…don’t try to kill with tiles…kill with specials (4x hitters and 1x healer in your team)
  • try to charge your heroes all together and fire at once…especially against healers. If you fire 4x hitters 3* each with 300 damage =1200 against Kunchen this is more than the 700 he can heal…repeat until he’s dead
  • exception to tile play: you can dumb tiles into heroes to get the strong color tiles as you have some protection to not trigger the special: Proteus, Merlin, Pixie, Hansel, Gretel, Peters
  • exception to tile play against healers: when healers have full health and almost full mana hold your specials, dumb tiles into the healer, then he does waste his special (healing 0) and then attack all at once. This worked fine for former field aid wars.

So the 3 most useful hints will be:

  1. Don’t hit the heroes with tiles…ghost instead.
  2. Take 1 healer and 4 hitters per team.
  3. Talk to each other what heroes you have available.

Have fun


I agree, from time to time I tell them to record their wars to give feedback but they are not willing to do so, I don’t know why though… To encourage them I send my war hits but I guess it is not effective enough

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It is gone. Forever.

Thanks a lot for this elaborate response, it is much appreciated :pray:

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Most casual players won’t do this as it seems too much effort to them. They don’t know how to do it or don’t wanna download an extra app for this.
Many casual players don’t even want to chat.

They don’t have the high leveled heroes you have. May be those videos even discourage them.

You should send videos doing cleanups with your 3* heroes. Then they have a chance to learn.

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Both @Vikingblood80 and @Ultra gave you very very sound advice, the most important part of it was Ghost tiling, which I forgot to mention, and many more useful tips.

However they seem to have missed the point a bit, being older players and kinda forgetting what a newbie F2P’s hero roster and skills look like. Ok, skills can be improved with that advice, but improving the hero roster takes quite a lot of time. Several teams of 1 healer + 4 snipers of 3* or above…might take 10 months or so for a newbie to assemble and ascend.

So as I see it, you have the following options:

Live with their mistakes and lose 80% of your wars.
Leave them be in that alliance on their own and seek a more powerful group for yourself - one that will not drag you down.

Let’s face it here, newbies only drag down the war team. I personally think that a new player should be allowed to go to war only after he hit level 30, because at that time he/she would have basic understanding of tactics, ghosting, and hopefully a roster of 15+ ascended 3* heroes.

Of course, then SG should remove the War challenge from the Path of Valor to make it fair.

Players who go to war at player level 6 with nothing but starting Bane and Layla will result in six war flags wasted for your team, because as we know the matchmaking system is flawed and the opponent will most likely not have such a problem in their ranks.

Even higher level players (12-20) don’t have a deep enough roster and are equal to losing 3-4 war flags.

It’s not coincidental that people tend to form alliances in matching power levels, and avoid taking newbies in their ranks. Hence the cup requirement, hero roster requirement and defense power team requirement to joinhigher-level alliances.

So to summarize: Either kick all newbies out, or let them stay but you get out of that alliance and seek a more powerful group - one closer to your power level - both for titan hits and for wars. That way you will earn more and win more.


Usually when they ask I tell them how to do it and which app to use but as you said they don’t want to make effort

You might be right, I never thought of it that way but would it be bad to keep sending those videos to let them see how I play the puzzle because sometimes I feel like they make random matches on the board

great advice, I will try it with my second account which I still use for tank busting or doing some clean-ups (harder ones like 4 heroes left)

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Unfortunately either kicking them or me leaving the alliance is not possible, we are like a family and growing together, and I prefer helping them to leaving them.
But I agree that it will take some time to have a deep-enough roster for clean-ups.
Thanks anyway for the first response and this one :slight_smile:

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In regards to recoding hits IPhones have the option built in. Not everyone is aware of this (I wasn’t when first told) so I thought it would be a huge hassle. It wasn’t.

The other issue is not everyone takes criticism well and if put in a position where they will be reviewed they will try to avoid it. This is harder to overcome as it’s a personal thing and you can’t pressure anyone to anything they don’t want to.

Only by sharing your hits will that start to help. Ask them for critical reviews. Would they have done something better??? That helps to make them more at ease doing it themselves.

But ego and pride exist everywhere, even in casual players.

I can’t add much to the strategies as the posters above pretty much nailed it. But I would encourage people to practice with there 3* teams against defences in the friendly mode. I do it for the challenge as smashing a big team with a similar big mono isn’t really challenging. Beating a 4K+ team with a 2700 3* is a challenge. My best TP difference has been 1650 but what it will help them do is make teams that work. If you can knock a few 5* with 20 emblems down before you get killed you know you can do that in a war when there’s a couple already dead.


great advice, will do, thank you :blush:

The below is my best yet. I’ve not managed to beat a higher defence but it can be done! I just need a bit more starting board…


@Alexandra97 my best war hit was a green 2600 (mixture of 3* and 4*) against 3900 blue tank…one shot kill…august 2019

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I think that you should NEVER clean up with a mono, go 3+2 instead - or rainbow if the enemy is not particularly strong.

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Well…that entirely depends on what’s left. Ghosting tiles will charge a team up a lot faster if they are the same colour.

So let’s say there was a red left on the right wing and flanked by a blue. You’d have the whole left side to ghost tiles to either filter the board or get a great start. Plus if you had to send tiles onto them a match 3 in blue against a red is still going to really hurt them.

It’s situational and dependent on the board and on your teams.


Hi, are you brazilian or portuguese?

Well, here is my 2 cents:

Healers, lots of healers!!! Every member of your team NEEDS to prioritize Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor and Sabina, at the very least.

I have 2 maxed cRigards, working casually on one more and in a second Boldtusk.

I won’t talk about 5* healers bc I think that’s obvious, and also 4* are way easier to get.

Those heroes will help your teammates clean up easier.

Then, pulverizer trio, another set of heroes easy to obtain, and that will help reduce enemies’ defense, so Caedmon, Sonya, etc. do more damage.

Finally, make sure your warriors are not taking celan-ups lightly. Clean-ups are extremely important, if you fail one, it makes 3 attacks to take an enemy team down, and that’s not good at all.


Yes, but that’s usually why I would think that rainbow works best. Going rainbow with a bunch of snipers means that at least a few of the heroes can charge. Going mono leaves you vulnerable to the possibility that you get a bad board and can’t charge your heroes.

It does depend on the heroes you have and the remaining defenders, but normally you don’t need more than a few specials to finish off the defense.

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