Clean up attack in alliance war still get full point

My member was attacked in alliance war but the attacker were not able to kill him so he got 35 pts. Another one attacked him again and was able to kill him but he still got the full 65 points. How come they get 100 total points for killing 1 member?

How much is your teammate worth in war? If it is a small number of players in war and your teammate has a big team he could be worth 80 points+20 points bonus.

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Or could have been the last team, the board was reset and they hit him straight away again


In my teammate’s info: current point is 43 and a bonus of 22 if victory.

He was not the last team and the board was still not reset.

Then it’s a mystery as @JonahTheBard mentioned this can only happen if he was last man standing, board was reseted and he was wiped first. Everything else would be something totally irregular.

Teammates numbers only suggest that. But as you say this is not the case, really it is mysterious.

He may not be last Man standing if opponent attacked all your players standing at once and board was reseted in short time.

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I am the leader of that alliance and I saw it personally when it happened… He was not the last man on the field… We got reset after 3 more hits… That’s why I’m shocked to witness they got 100 pts on a single team with 24 participants in total

That’s very strange. I am co-leader in my alliance and never witnessed this kind of bug. You should make a ticket to SG and submit your evidence. Something doesn’t add up. Hope you get this resolved.

@zephyr1 , @Guvnor have you ever heard something about this bug?

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Yes, I think I saw someone report this before.

One sec.

A couple places I’ve seen similar reports:

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Gets reported semi regularly… Every time so far it’s been that either:

  1. The respawn timer has wound down & the team has regenerated or
  2. The board was reset.

I’m personally leaning towards option 1 here. The SS shown by the OP shows that at least SOME time has passed between the event and the screenshot being taken (evidenced by the arrow showing to go to the bottom of the war log).

Not to cast any doubt on the OP but there have never been any bugs to do with Wars & war resetting/ Scoring since I’ve been active on the forum.

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I don’t think that was the cause in either thread I linked.

I know the Small Giant Staff investigated at least one of those occurrences, but they didn’t report back publicly what their findings were.

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In my defence, neither of those threads were from when I was active :stuck_out_tongue: I had an account but rarely logged on in April & May.

It’s also been a long while since those threads…? Given the time since I would say that SGG quietly fixed it & that this current thread is more likely a result of one of the two options I mentioned above?

Maybe…or maybe they regressed and broke it again when making the recent War update to lock teams.

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I think its just visual glitch, there have been a couple attacks at the same time and the system is not providing the correct order.

Just like when you kill the titan and 2-3 teams are in the fight when he gets defeated. The last team on the board is mostly not the one who does the last shot and gets the point for the kill.

Nope it’s not a visual glitch coz it shows on their scoreboard… I’m online at the time it happened so I witnessed it… Hope sg do something to fix this… We probably gonna lose this war coz our opponent is to powerful for us

Only one team is attacking at that time

Hopefully they resolve this issue…

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