Clean green house

In the last Atlantis Rising I did a 30 pull and got christmas in Oct. :2 kingston, Lianna, 2 Thoth, Inari, Azalar and many 4’s. This leaves me a good problem in the green house. I have Morgan @+2, Lianna @+1, Hansel @+9, Melendor @+19, Caedmen@+9, Eveylyn @ 4-49, Elkhanen @ 3-65, Skittlehead@+6, Horgall@ 3-60, and little John@4-14. My green bench is 2 Kingston, lianna, Kadilen, peters and 2 Malendors. I appreciated help on cleaning the bench

Dump Elk, Skittle & Horgh.

OK of the unleveled which to keep?

This… :cold_face: :rofl:

Why do you want to get rid of heroes that are leveled or almost leveled? That’s a waste of food/feeders and they are still useful for wars, events, etc. Since hero slots are fairly inexpensive, I would consider holding onto them.


agreed but trying to get ideas on the unleveled heros realizing I need 4* to compete in tourneys. and how deep does one really need to be understanding that the slows that are leveled will get benched

I wouldn’t “clean” any of them. When you’ll meet a war opponent with blue tanks you are happy with every green hero you are able to send in to a battle.


It’s a waste of resources to dump leveled heroes. Not to mention time spent leveling them; you’re not getting any of it back.

May as well keep those heroes.

I will also say that costumes are coming out shortly mid-November, and that Horghall – and to a lesser extent Skittleskull – both got buffs from them.

Horghall specifically looks great now. His attack debuff is equivalent to Kingston’s attack debuff capped. Slow speed still sucks but I don’t think he’s a joke anymore (even though he looks like one with his costume).

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