Classic Blunder - It would be a mistake not to Join!

Classic Blunder is now looking to add a few new active members to our alliance! We are a core group of 12 players who have been together for a few months. We are looking to expand our roster to 15-20 so we can take out some higher level titans, but our main focus is on War Strategy and teamwork.

Currently fighting 6/7* Titans and having a lot of fun winning wars with the three round strategy (Kill the smalls, kill them again when they respawn, kill them again and then go for multiple resets to maximize “easy” points). We range from lvl 31 to 60 and are all active, daily players. We use Line to chat and share rosters and help each other set up teams for ideal hits in war but it is not mandatory.

We’re all adults, mostly from the US (predominantly Texas and Michigan), a few couples, some family members, parents and professionals. We’re looking for the elusive competitive yet easygoing people who take the game seriously but also enjoy having fun, and what’s more fun than winning??

Open to mergers, but hoping to add small groups or solo players looking for a new home.

We know the game, love the game, and are constantly striving to get better at it. If you’ve ever wanted an alliance that uses common sense during war, and works together to take out stronger opponents and finds the “right” place for each and every flag with 100% usage, stop on by and see if this is the alliance for you!!

Message here or on Line - ID: Darth Maren, or just stop on by to say hi! Classic Blunder. Join Today!

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