Classic 3* heroes that are worth keeping!

We just had knights of avalon last week and I really have a hard time completing rare tier(3*). Mainly because I have a small pool of heroes, would be nice if you guys could suggest 3* heroes that worth investing(I’m f2p with terrible luck). Thanks :grimacing:

I still recommend this list:

I think, Bauchan should be added for event heroes :thinking: (only as a general thought, I know you asked about classics)


Best classic 3*:

Blue: valen, ulmer, gunnar
Red: hawkmoon, nashgar, azar
Green: belith, berden, brienne
Yellow: bane, gan ju, kailni
Purple: balthazar, tyrum.

Gunnar and kailni helped me finish the rare elemental quests very early in my game so they will always have a special place in my heart.

Having tournaments introduced, some heros can be useful like carver or oberon/ jahangir on very fast setting


And why not Tyrum, as he had the same skill as Balthazar but he also dispel buffs?

just for check :wink:


Right, Tyrum is VERY useful. I wouldn’t abandon him, too.

I didn’t get him earlier and forgot he existed XD. He is definitely good to keep

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I did get bauchan tho *thank rng.
His specials are great, I love the mana control.

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I have him, too, but not leveled yet :frowning: I’m really really looking forward to it and then a 3* tournament maybe :slight_smile:

I never really get a chance to try em’ (Gunnar&Kailani) I prioritize mana speed since I have a hard time firing heroes with slow mana… But good thoughts

I keep at least one of each! Double of some. Fast with strong attack. Like bane.

If you want to complete challenge events, here’s the best classic 3*s imo:

Balthazar, Tyrum, Bane, Ulmer, Valen, Berden, Brienne, Belith, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Jahangir

Tyrum is not recommended for high scores since his contribution to tile damage is low, but he is good for helping you complete events. Ditto Belith and Hawkmoon since their skills aren’t offensive, but they’re good for helping you complete the events and keeping the team alive.

EDIT: Gunnar and Kailani are good too for just completing events, however I wouldn’t use them without a healer.

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Dark: Balthazar, Tyrum & Oberon

My 3* heroes mostly are forgotten, since I got my 4* quite early. Plus my starting 3* were bane, oberon, gunnar, friar tuck & hawkmoon. Can’t really do much with them.

I do the same, but before I got Wilbur, they were my safe choice in the rare quests.
My teams were mostly 3* and kiril at the time.
Was proud to finish at that time with a low level team

Might actually try gunnar out. Since I already have him maxed.

Being F2P, i haven’t always had anything better to work on, so I naturally leveled almost all of the 3s before 5s came along.

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Tanky stats, he’s not bad as tank in raid defense.

If you have Brienne and get accidentally Melia from Atlantis: both in one team makes a bulldozer out of the rest…


In my opinion:
Red: Azar, Hawkmoon, Jahangir (he is like weaker Azlar), Nashgar
Blue: Gunnar, Ulmer (weak Isarnia), Valen
Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, maybe Kailani
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum (good tank)

Renfeld is definitely not worth keeping because he is a garbage and you’ll see him again. A lot. Also only S1 heroes here.


I do have melia actually, but not brienne tho. Haven’t got her yet.