Classes: Bridging The Gap Between F2P & P2W

Yes…another thread about classes :roll_eyes:

I keep hearing this thrown around on the forum and in Line.

Let’s hear the logic from those preaching this.

will be always “gap” and will be never end , i wonder why people always expect f2p should in same line as p2w ?

its like you want people who high degree got same paid as non-degree

from all game i played so far , i can say E&P is the most fair games i ever playes as C2P , you need progress over $$$ , even you got million dollar , you still cannot buy mats to boost your progress


Lol well that’s 1 way to misconstrue my point of view and go completely off topic

Reread the thread and actually provide some kind of relevant input

Thank you

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I guess is because some classes are objectively better then others, and some classes objectively are against the nature of some heroes.
The most obvious example of course is Guinevre, but there’s some other examples like Gravemaker and Kageburado in barbarian (not a great class) Aeron in monk (his special already protect him from status ailments) Panther in fighters (again not a great class) and so on… trying at the same time to place “normal” or less appealing heroes on classes that suites them (tanky heroes in paladins, or meh heroes in very good classes like sorcerer or rogue).
Even fill a class with really good heroes (like monk) is a way to limit P2W choices.

Honestly, for me they do a really good job with classes.
Now we need to not destroy everything selling emblems like no tomorrow.


That logic makes sense and is probably the first time I’ve seen that type of explanation.

Thanks elpis


Lower level players are more likely to level up the 3 and 4* heroes they have before the 5* players are able to level up.

With stronger heroes they are able to bring in better rewards and grow faster, thus, bridging the gap.


NO matter that i have only few 4 and 5 stars i would not waste such valuable resources for 3 stars! I do not agree with you !!!

better do *4 at 3-60 than *3 full asc

Brienne could be a good choice for low level player and if once she would get eated we would have our emblems back (not sure but they said this were the case on beta server)… then why not?

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From your lips to SGG’s ears.

If emblems are earned principally by grinding, then grinders gain an edge. (To be clear, there are spenders who are also grinders.)

If emblems are chiefly gained through purchases, gems or cash, then they will widen the gap between F2P and P2W.

@dator has said he’s not planning on spending on emblems. I’m not going to buy any outright, either, although I admit I might end up with some in a package deal. But emblems are not going to increase my game budget. No incremental dollars here. If it becomes clear that these are just a money-grab, I’ll likely just stop spending altogether.


You can only use emblems on 4*'s at 4-70.
Kind of the whole point of the class system…


Agreed. My monthly budget certainly isn’t increasing, or even staying the same, but is decreasing (well decreased in december). If lots of emblem purchases become prevalent and allow a ton of 80/20s, then that will probably be the end for me…after doing some decent but not crazy spending.

IFF (that’s “If and only if”) the emblems remain a grinder only item will it be a good thing - we needed something to give defenses a push up, because it’s too easy to color stack AND cherry pick specials in the same team. Raiding is a joke anywhere in the top couple thousand (i.e. if you consistently go worse than 18/20 you’re either doing it wrong or caught some really bad luck). Forcing people to have to choose their titan heroes, mapping heroes, war/raid heroes, etc will spread things out (though people won’t like it when they can’t be awesome at everything anymore).


I think to help bridge the gap between F2P/P2W, F2P should spend money…

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Well, give it to us.
There will always be more games … and you only have the P2W playing …

Congrats! You offically gave the first douche response!

Have a :cookie:

Original post is about how classes will bridge the gap

Not how spending effects the gap in general

Thanks again for posting off topic and attempting to derail the thread


To me the gap only exists in raiding, so given raiding is low on my priority list this change is actually excellent.

Why? I can improve my titan and event teams. War matching still will be subject to the same issues since power increases with talents/stats increasing, so there’s no ‘penalty’ there.

I actually think that the fact that it costs less to level a 4* talent than a 5* actually makes it a bit better. I typically use 2 4* in raid attack and a lot of times maybe across all teams it’s the same 4-5 5*, being able to get them up faster should help. Long term 5* are better, but that’s not different now.

I’m cheap to play by the way, and feel this is a beneficial change for me and especially in the short term.

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I’ll have to raise my hourly labor rate 5 bucks an hour to compensate


For me, token non purchasable is fair, we dont want to widen the gap between F2P/C2P and P2W.
I prefer having my tokens by working hard to be satisfied.


@Rigs thanks for another post for discussing this new system.
Summing it up for me this is the issue: i don’t want to spend money in order to max my heroes.

I already have my 80-70 heroes with ham and recruits and many unfarmable items.
Now we need more unfarmable items or need to purchase items to bring our heroes to max power? Again?
That sucks in general.
I wish the best for us, for the game, if this new system helps then i was wrong and hope to be wrong! :crossed_fingers:


The quests are also a problem since we have to use specific heroes.
Now you ‘have’ to use certain heroes, you can’t level those you like anymore
Now you need a specific hero leveled or you wont get the items from a quest. An absurd!

This is trouble…especially how f2p do not choose what heroes they get. We pay for a ‘chance’ at a certain hero, nothing is guaranteed.
So long for those f2p wishing to play emblem quests. Only if there is a chance you have a certin hero.