Classes and the defense meta

In testing it wasn’t that effective. The wording might be clearer if they said “X% chance of a Y% defense increase at the end of any turn in which the Paladin is damaged.”

@Petri could you ask the developers if the above is closer to their intent?


That would be a good change for them to make. SG is the king of unclear special wording.

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Re read my post.
I said it that defence boost can be triggered even AFTER the first tile (that can be any tile, even a no hero tile, which gave 1 damage)
Then the defence obviously do not stack, but can be triggered again before the 2 turns expire and in-fact restart and never worn off.
On a 49% chance at 3 match as @Garanwyn kindly calculate, it’s not so difficult.

For a tank that take time to not allow you to ghost tiles in a defence hole, thats an amazing skill.

And druid minions too.

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Pretty sure he’s the “Blood-Stained Priest”.

Last time I checked it were a druid and I think that the others are the same as mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Whether hit by 1 tile or 100, paldins and druids have the same probability of activating their special. The % is not per attack, but per turn when normal damage was received.


And a similar limitation also applies to Barbarians and Sorcerers. Barbarian’s Wound really should stack more than it does seeing as how the Talent description went out of its way to point out stacking.

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You sure about that?
In beta paladin effect was triggered by a random tile between others tiles, meaning the AI doesn’t decide at the start of the turn if it gets activated, but that every attack in that turn can activate it.

I saw the word meta in the title and immediately thought

This must be @Kerridoc’s thread


Hmm, hmm. We’ll have to check that.

Not sure this is the right place to ask or whether this aspect has already been raised.
Consider the case of a single color attack team composed of 5 different classes heroes. Which ability will be triggered after the tile hit the target?

I just wrote about this elsewhere, but …

Each tile is assigned to a specific hero. You can see this if you assign different troop types to each stacked hero. The associated hero determines which talent (if any) has a chance to trigger when the tile hits.

For example, you stack Barbarian GM, Sorcerer Natalya and Rogue Marjana. A red match-3 happens to assign one tile each to these three. GM’s tile may Wound, Natalya’s tile may Delay, but Marjana’s tile can’t trigger any effect (rogue’s dodge only applies to incoming damage). If you leave Marjana out, running only two red heroes, then the odds of triggering a class ability go up from ⅓ to ½.

This design appears to be a subtle nerf to color-stacking.


I asked this on another thread, sorry to anyone reading both, this thread seems more appropriate:

Question on Evade skill.
If Inari has her special active, does her intrinsic ability happen before or after her special?
ie, is there a risk that her innate class ability denies her a minion or does her special register first?
Ideally it would be that if dodge fails then her evade ability is checked.

Did anyone have experience with this in beta?

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Have not seen that specific interaction, but Inari with Drake or any other blinds works just fine - when a hero fires, they can both miss and proc an Inari dodge at the same time, I would imagine it works the same in this case.


Possibility of having all 3 specials active?



As I understand it, yes. If instead of Marjana, say, we had Ranger Khagan, then it’s possible that one tile wounds, one tile triggers Delay, and a third pierces.

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Thank you
Thank you

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For druids on defense then… does that mean the max talent skill:

A) gives a 15% chance each time damage is received to generate a separate minion at the end of the turn (potential multiple minions)
B) gives a 15% chance (roll) to generate just 1 minion at the end of the turn (multiple rolls for one minions)
C) regardless of how many times the druid is hit, at the end of the turn there is a 15% chance to generate 1 minion


Just looking at the Wizard class and the special it feels like it is made for AoE hitters to shine.
Sartana is certainly helped by the class special but the name that jumps out at me is Isarnia. She may be slow but does solid damage (235% off a 797 attack stat) and it is AoE so the Jinx 5x which could make the total damage dealt very high indeed.
Zeline hits more often and that may tip the balance for those that have both.
But looking at the class in isolation it appears to me that this has made Isarnia much more dangerous. The class doesn’t offer enough mana bonus to make her faster but with proper mana troops…

That said, in my team she in line behind Richard (4-63) and Athena (2-45) for now. By the time those two are maxed we’ll know what is happening with Aegir… so that’ll be sometime in 2026 by my estimation, 2025 if I get fired and can dedicate time to the game…

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