Classes and the defense meta

As I understand it, yes. If instead of Marjana, say, we had Ranger Khagan, then it’s possible that one tile wounds, one tile triggers Delay, and a third pierces.

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Thank you
Thank you

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For druids on defense then… does that mean the max talent skill:

A) gives a 15% chance each time damage is received to generate a separate minion at the end of the turn (potential multiple minions)
B) gives a 15% chance (roll) to generate just 1 minion at the end of the turn (multiple rolls for one minions)
C) regardless of how many times the druid is hit, at the end of the turn there is a 15% chance to generate 1 minion


Just looking at the Wizard class and the special it feels like it is made for AoE hitters to shine.
Sartana is certainly helped by the class special but the name that jumps out at me is Isarnia. She may be slow but does solid damage (235% off a 797 attack stat) and it is AoE so the Jinx 5x which could make the total damage dealt very high indeed.
Zeline hits more often and that may tip the balance for those that have both.
But looking at the class in isolation it appears to me that this has made Isarnia much more dangerous. The class doesn’t offer enough mana bonus to make her faster but with proper mana troops…

That said, in my team she in line behind Richard (4-63) and Athena (2-45) for now. By the time those two are maxed we’ll know what is happening with Aegir… so that’ll be sometime in 2026 by my estimation, 2025 if I get fired and can dedicate time to the game…

I agree, and Isarnia is likely to be a big winner from her classing. Put some more defense and HP on her, buff that attack, and she will be a force.

Zeline’s attack will also see a nice boost, but she then goes and spoils the party by stripping all the buffs that help her Jinx. At least she hits then debuffs.


I played a bit with the talent grid and pretend to have all the heroes, just to see what happens with my personal choices.
I divided the results for first, second and third choices for every class, and see what can i build with defence team and titan teams. This is what happened:


Barbarian Paladin Druid Cleric Fighter Wizard Monk Ranger Sorcerer Rogue
Gravemaker Ares Alberich Vivica Panther Zeline Tarlak Athena Quintus Jackal


Wing Flank Central Flank Wing
Alberich Athena Gravemaker Zeline Panther


Red Blue Green Purple Yellow
Athena Zeline Gravemaker Jackal Panther
Tarlak Tarlak Ares Vivica Tarlak
Tarlak Athena


Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
2 3 1 2 2


Barbarian Paladin Druid Cleric Fighter Wizard Monk Ranger Sorcerer Rogue
Kageburado Arthur Lepus Hansel Delilah Hel Wilbur Evelyn Mitsuko Khiona


Wing Flank Central Flank Wing
Kageburado Evelyn Gravemaker Delilah Zeline


Red Blue Green Purple Yellow
Athena Zeline Gravemaker Jackal Panther
Arthur Tarlak Ares Vivica Kageburado
Tarlak Evelyn Wilbur Athena Khiona
(Lepus?) Tarlak Tarlak


Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
4 5 3 3 5


Barbarian Paladin Druid Cleric Fighter Wizard Monk Ranger Sorcerer Rogue
Azlar Falcon Zimkitha Mother (Ariel) Magni Sartana Drake Alasie Locke Inari


Wing Flank Central Flank Wing
Drake Alasie Gravemaker Zeline Kageburado


Red Blue Green Purple Yellow
Athena Zeline Gravemaker Athena Panther
Arthur Evelyn Ares Jackal Kageburado
Alasie Tarlak Falcon Inari Kiona
Magni (Locke?) Wilbur Drake Tarlak
Tarlak Tarlak


Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
7 7 (6) 5 5 (6) 6

Yes, after 3 waves i do not even touched heroes like Guinevre, Aeron, Joon, Lianna or Victor.


Excellent thinking here, @Elpis. I hadn’t formalized it in my mind quite as clearly as you have have laid it out, but it does underscore my original thesis: Guinevere’s star is setting. Albeit far more slowly than I had imagined, with the abysmal drip rate of emblems so far.

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Why wouldnt you use athena on blue or yellow titans? It’s same as using her on purple

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I tried to pick it in a way to balance defence, titans and colors, as much as i can for every “wave”.

There are some heroes that may seems not really good like Quintus, Lepus or Azlar, because i think they can do pretty good in the monthly event.

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I usually prefer to use the defence debuffer of the strong color, but yes, with an upgraded Athena you can pick her if you want.

Don’t really know how much can change on damage.
But you survive more for sure.

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Not entirely true.

  1. The Barbarian class does not add a lot to GM besides the stats (same can be argued for Guin)
  2. GM actually has really good competition with Kage. I have this problem right now and i change my mind every hour. GM vs Kage isnt an easy choice.

Yep, the Barbarian decision got a lot harder when they swapped Kestrel and Kageburado.

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As one of the few players that can really do this, i’m really interested to see something similar with your choices.

It may even help you clear your mind :slightly_smiling_face:


We have several members struggling with the same question. That switch by SG was really good in my opinion.

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I’ve tryed to study The New class thing… And it makes me wounder… Guin as The Superior tank of The game… Some kinda get nerfed… One thing is that a Wizard class doesen’t give hear as much benefits as a tank like Paladin does… Will now ares and aegir be as good as guin?
There is also one more thing that i can’t get out of my Minde then… The Wizard class has alot of others awsome heroes like hel, sartana and zeline… Would it then be smarte to pick another tank so i can use my emblems on one of them instead? This is freaking hard!

@ZeroIntolerance You’re going to love this thread, I think:

-laughs in Guineverish-


In light of the developers response that emblems will be dropping through more means in the future, how does this change your assessment of the defense meta? If several levels of 5* talent development can be achieved per month, that roughly implies a couple of 80+20 per Class per year. I think Guin will take the top spot of favorite tanks if Guin + Zeline can be maxed.

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Read Sara’s post carefully; it says “players should be able to advance, on average, several legendary class levels in a month.”

It’s unclear whether that means I can expect to get 2-3 levels per class or—more likely—“several” levels across my whole roster each month. I’m guessing the latter. For simplicity let’s assume “several” means 5. I’ve got 10 legendary heroes in development, so each month half of them get one level up the talent grid. So, two months to get all ten heroes up one rung. Twenty rungs in the grid, so 40 months to max ten heroes.

If you’re going to max both Guin and Zelin, that’s 80 months: 6 year, 8 months.

Yeah, right.

Based on this, I still believe the optimal defense team will have heroes from five different classes, and that those heroes will need to be versatile: offense, defense, titans. To my thinking, Guinevere is not that versatile hero. Moreover I’m thinking that some of the class abilities of other classes—particularly paladin, rogue, and monk—complement the tank role better than Wizard.

It will be at least a few quarters, though, before people have enough emblems to put out a stronger defense than a Guin-based line.

Of course, I may be reading Sara’s post entirely wrongly. If she meant that each hero of ten classes can gain “several” nodes per month, then Wizard emblems will be much less scarce and Guinevere may remain top dog.


So what about Elana, do you think the class change will make her a viable tank?

I keep meaning to max her just for the titan tile and reflect damage, but there is always a better choice for the mats. She has always felt to me like she was close to being a good hero but slow mana and weak defense makes her poorly balanced for a defense team.

If you take the defense path she starts to look more viable, add a revive and maybe…

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