Classes and resistances

I fought Tyr in a raid this morning and I think I won on the third attempt. The guy’s a machine resurrecting and when I finally took him out he revived! His class is so incredibly helpful then you get Noor who’s a Druid which at best has no effect or at worst means thorns taking the place of the much heftier sparrows.
Then there’s resistances which can be amazing like Seshat or almost useless in the case of Raffaele.
I wonder if SG ever consider revising them when they make balance changes instead of only adjusting attack, defense, HP and on rare occasions Mana speed as this could make some crappy heroes much more usable and bring some OP heroes down to size.

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I gather that the natural order of things is the power creep. As mentioned in a separate thread, the first generation HOTMs were like any other heroes, while the second generation HOTMs have Element Link, a bit more stronger than the previous generation. The current generation of HOTMs now have immunity. Even SG is attempting for S1 heroes to be at par with the new released ones through costumes. SE3 heroes also have their own realm with its respective additional benefits in gameplay.

IMHO, it is only natural that there would be new heroes introduced in the game that are a bit more powerful than the previous heroes. If the new heroes to be released are the red version of Lianna, or a green version of Elena, or a blue version of Danzaburo, or a purple version of Wu Kong, or a yellow version of Mitsuko, people will not be too excited to summon for them, thus lesser revenue for SG. SG needs to keep working on new and exciting heroes to keep money flowing in their favor.

I would be all over that red Lianna!!


Then hold on cause a red pure sniper is coming. No joke. Was in beta. I think it was 500% dmg if I recall. I’m still holding out for marjana she’s the only sniper I don’t have and really only s1 5 I want other than elk I guess I can use. No Thorne quintus or azlar but that’s fine too.

I wasn’t sure about rafa resist but it seems very useless to resist attack ailments when he’s a weak atk healer. Then came noor and I figured sg was just crazy. The hotms do get better though from here . At least if they come like they were in beta .

You are referring to Gefjon, who is a S3 fast fire sniper from Muspelheim that deals 500% damage after stealing the enemy target’s minion/s.

I may break my non-summoning months when he/she is released using my valhalla coins hoarded.

Yeah I used him in beta but these names are as bad as beowulf and that’s one of my favorite books.
Mjolnir, gungnir, those I know but these new names and then remembering what each skill is. Yikes. But yes he’s a beast as long as he comes out as he was in beta. The other red hotm in dec is ok but def not a telly counter.
Funny thing is that Vela really wasn’t liked prerelease I saw so many saw they weren’t pulling for her etc. I know cause I skipped oct(kingston) waiting for maybe her so I read each review.
I even saw an old post that said gm didn’t impress the poster so they were skipping pulls. Lol. Hindsight!

Agreed. Some players really thought GM was not good in beta even though was neither buffed or nerfed when released. Vela has a similar connotation made by other players. I still consider Kingston secondary to Lianna, more so with the latter’s costume. I prefer to have a hero who has the possibility to kill the targetted enemy than a hero who still may let the target enemy maimed but able to do slash attack or cast their skills. Jean Francois is useful to some Springvale heroes as my Master Lepus obtained in 2019 appreciates the lack of the defense self-ailment.

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