Classe Emblems P2W Change my Mind please

This new class system it looks like a lot of fun, but it feels completely P2W due to challenge missions. These missions can only be completed with specific hero’s of that class. I mean how many f2p or C2p or even P2P player’s will have enough hero’s to remotely complete even half these missions. I mean to add to it most people who can complete the missions won’t ever get past the first 2 levels due to the hero level requirements.

I would love someone to change my mind on this. I am extremely open to suggestions. I really want to see other points of views. I thought Ontel was bad but this is so much worse.


If you don’t have the heros you really don’t need the emblems. Looks like I can do levels one and two only due to lack of power. Such is life


There are plenty of F2P and C2P who have been completing the missions… in fact there is a guide specifically geared toward those players with tips on which heroes to use and what battle items to bring for the best chance of beating the levels.

A lot likely depends on how long they have been playing…we have both of those player types in our group, and so far they have been able to complete the levels…but then again they have all been playing for well over a year now.

I am starting to look at it as ok, the guy next door can afford a Ferrari, and I just have this 5 year old Dodge!But guess what? He might get there faster, but I will still get there…… play your own game and enjoy it !


I’m C2P, and completed all 3 stages of both Trials so far. I didn’t use a single HOTM so far (I only have Evelyn, from very lucky draws), and the only Legendary hero I used so far was Vivica, who I got for free from tc20.

I did need some items for the last stage in each, but that’s on par with my past experience with Challenge Events and Rare Quests, and should diminish as I level heroes further.

So it’s doable as F2P/C2P — it’s just not necessarily easy. But I think that’s true for plenty of P2P people, too.

And personally, I like that it’s challenging.


@Jedon @Rook @Brobb @_John_Doe

You guys feel like this new class system is p2w?


I’m using all the heroes from a roster I’ve built as a free to play player for over 16 months. So far I’ve been able to complete all the levels of the last two quests.

Now as a fairly cheap to play player, I really don’t see it changing very much for me.


I’m FTP and I completed all class quest. Sure is easier for people who pay but I think it is normal. For FTP people like me, just be patient and enjoy

There are a minimum of 2 S1 3*, 2 S1 4*, and 2 S1 5* in every class except Sorcerer (which only has Quintus for a 5*)

That means F2P/C2P have 8 options at 4* and above (and 12 options overall) to fill 5 hero slots for quests. If you’ve been running a couple of TC20 for a while, you should have a decent chance of fielding good teams in all challenge quests.

Further, the first 2 levels are very winnable even by mixed 3*/4* teams, and 3* and 4* heroes get class levels with a lot fewer emblems than 5*. So if you don’t have 5* heroes in several of the classes, you’re likely still getting emblems at a good pace for the heroes you do have.

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You know I don’t have a single HOTM yet, so to me the classes are F2P/C2P/P2P, “business as usual”.

I struggled with the current quest only because my heroes were all healers and one low-level Boril. Try killing the bosses with healers! :grin:

I’m enjoying this, though! Bring on more quests!!


I did the “healers and Boril tango” too. Although my Boril is 3/60. Thank goodness Melendor’s tile damage is so high, though, right?


my rag tag team with an unleveled Hawkmoon and a 3200 score beat level 3 without to much fuss, dragon and bomb attacks really help.

4000 recommended is grossly higher than needed.


Not completely true… I have Melendor and Boril (so really need those emblems) but I wasn’t able to beat last level of this challenge with only these two heroes.

I think it’s too early to say if this is a P2W feature or not, we haven’t seen many offers yet. And if few long-time playing F2P people can beat all stages of all quests it doesn’t mean everyone can do the same, but it’s a good start.

Yeah I’m going back with those to do a little light carpet bombing. :grin:


My thoughts on the emblems is that they are the answer to what people who already have maxed out all their buildings, have been running TC20 forever and have many maxed heros from there, have been asking for. These can include f2p as well. They may not have as many exotics, but if you play long enough I believe you will get a full rainbow of 5* heros without spending a dime

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I am C2P and have been playing for 7 months. I have been able to beat both trials with the use of items.
With that being said, I can’t disagree with OP more. I find everything to do with the rollout of the classes to be the ONLY balanced aspect of the game for F2P players.
Hats off to the devs for doing classes right for everyone and not just the P2W players.

Just curious, how long have you been playing?

To me, this game requires a lot of time and/or money to be successful. I’ve played for a little over a year and have spent money at times. In those first months when I couldn’t complete the rare quests, I didn’t begrudge the people that had spent more time or money than me and could complete the quests and I certainly didn’t view those quests as p2w.

In the same way, I don’t view classes and emblems as p2w. This game is a grind and not every player should be able to complete every challenge.

Edit: I meant to respond to the OP. Not sure how I messed that up

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You need time and be patient, money help but you can be successful without it

I just beat the highest level using Boril (30/80), Rigard (50/60), Hawkmoon (50/50), Belith (50/50) and Brienne (22/40). Now admittedly Boril and Battle Items did a lot of the heavy lifting there but If I can do it with that collection of unloved misfits, don’t tell me it’s beyond F2P.

Just handle the last level like we did on the Christmas event. Dragon attack, bombs, and axes. They never get a shot off.

Same thing @Rigs was saying past days, if you were lv30 and still can’t do them, you will say :“Hey its p2w, hard to do, lets nerf them and make em easier to every body”!!
HEY!! I am F2P and did finished both of quests … they are hard yup but I spent enought time in the game to know what to use and how to use.
C.E has nothing to do with P2W. If it was about that DEVS SHOULD LET P2W UNDER LV30 TO DO THE LAST STAGE. But they did not, cause its free for all 30+ which is clearly has nothing to do with how much money in your pocket!

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