Class Synergy Bonus

Some kind of family bonus maybe should also be given to heroes of the same class as they know their fighting style and powers between them eg. when fighting with 3 druids in the team (alby,vela,noor) a 10% health bonus can be energised 0r when having 3 barbarians in the team you can get a 5% attack bonus on them. That way is also fair by the fact that emblems are divided to many heroes. Same can be done for a full paladin team which can have a 10% defense bonus as they are fighting like a roman turtle with all shields around them! What do u think, should SG devs provide Class Synergy Bonus ?

Actually not a bad idea,as long as everyone is emblemed don’t think it would cause that much chaos. plus it’s not like it will be used that much if you in a raid your not gonna pic a class over a element

I like the idea a lot @Harry21. I think there is some merit to it. :+1:

I think there are some minor tweaks I would suggest for consideration:

1- Rather than how family bonuses work where you get an increase per member, I would suggest a range for the class bonus:

“If you have 3 or more Rogues then “blank” happens regardless of if you have 3, 4, or 5.

The thought being while for most players this is a nice and balanced perk, the big guns out there with every 5* maxed, etc can likely exploit this and make some crazy stacking bonuses with families, classes, and specials.

In your example of +10% attack if that stacked with a family attack bonus you’re looking at say a Grimm +20 with +20% attack, which is insane. It brings people with those roster to a whole new tier. Limiting the bonus as I described can hopefully keep that in check while still giving a manageable boost to us “norms” :ok_hand:

2- Rather than make up new abilities, I would vote to increase existing ones. Keeping with rogues for example:

If you have 3 or more rogues on the same team each maxed rogue gets an additional 5% chance to dodge or something.

The thought being:

A - You don’t want unmaxed and unemblemed heroes to gain that ability. IMO opinion that would be OP.

B- A flat increase for where a hero is at is important to avoid it being OP too. If I have Jackal with enough emblems to have a 10% chance to dodge, this brings it to 15%. Where as my 20% chance Scarlett goes up to 25%. Saying everyone would go to 25% to account for maxed heroes getting a benefit makes it OP too IMO.

Super cool idea though. The more I think about it the more I like it, kudos!

Thanks buddy, hope many more cool ideas (like the ones you shot) surf up a bit more before too long!