Class Summon

Hmm, or maybe 3-4 classes, current trial and one some amount of time out.

I think the upshot is some form of this seems doable, and likely to appeal to many players.

All pairing have 3 or more 5* and they could be featured in pairs like the returning HotMs in Atlantis. I think the summons should be 24hours prior to the trial, then we know the trial ahead of tome and can work on our heroes pulled a little bit. This will work too if they were already planning on cycling them like event quests. Then it’s not like a surprise.

I’m in the boat that I have 1 sorcerer that isn’t 2* for the Mysticism one coming up. I could use a class specific summons.

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If 3/4 classes are involved, might as well keep the summons as ther are.

I think there’s a significant difference between summons having 10 classes, and having 2-4, no?

I’m just not sure the pool would be big enough with just 1, or even 2, classes.

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There isnt 10 classes.
Understand including multi classes, will give a random chace. Which will be 80% of what the spender wont want. Rng vs casino pay out. No class based summon will be released.

Are we talking about different things? There are 10 classes, which you can reference in these spots amongst others:

I thiught there was 9. Either way. No biggie. Im at the bar so i cant get much focused insight here.
However either way, i think specific summons will further anger the cash paying customers, cause 3* will be included at tye same rate they are now. And paying players dont need 3* . and if theyre already spending, they have the heroes already, uk?

I encourage tc20. Got 80% of my 5* from there.

I agree, tc20 is a good source of heroes, especially for F2P and C2P.

This is true, but that’s true of all of the summons — I don’t see why that would be a blocker to adding a new one. They all have a high chance of giving out 3*.

Enjoy the bar, you can return when you’re more focused! :beers::tropical_drink:

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Saying the hero psyout % would be the same. Therefore all though it may be class specific, it will be hero grade specific. Whuch will yeild the correct classes, but not the hero power.

And thank you for your pleasant wishes. (:

Yes, I think everyone discussing this idea imagines that a class-specific summons would have a mix of 3-5* heroes, with similar appearance rates as other summons. So just like other summons, you could very well fail to get what you want, but when you do get a good hero, it would at least be in a class that you wanted (or more likely, depending on the implementation), instead of totally random.

We’re definitely agreeing on this — you could still get heroes you didn’t want, like any summons.

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just dont see this panning out to what this topic is going for, you know?

After all, this is a $$ game so i think all rates will stay the same.

No one so far is suggesting changing the drop rates for a class summons — just which heroes are included in the summons. This would be a lot like the Elemental Summons, which only includes heroes from a particular element.

So yes, the drop rates would stay the same. The costs might even go up, for a Class Summons, depending on which heroes were included.

This is what this topic is going for:

I think this is a great idea. To summarize: replace the Elemental Summons with a Class Summons during each Trial, with the heroes matching the Trial’s classes. Heroes are the Classic (TC20) heroes and the odds are the same as the Elemental Summons.

This would also be handy to flag more clearly when a Trial is being run.

They could also create a new Class Hero Token that could drop randomly as Trials loot, allowing a free pull at the Class Summons.


I voted yes to this but would honestly not touch the summons if it included tc20 heroes only

Im sure im not the only one collecting emblems for a class that i have hardly any or no heros for. How bout an emblem specific summon. Either a new one or drop the element summon to 24 hrs and add the emblem classes into the rotation

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I think it would be great if we can have a way to summon heroes of a particular class once in a while. (Class Summon).
Similar to having element specific hero summon, we can have a summon for only Druid heroes, for example.


I’d definitely go for R2D2 but I assume this is a typo…



In the unlikely scenario that such an idea is indeed implemented, I believe the most summons will be done for Wizard closely followed by Paladin (thank you Telluria and Heimdall)

btw, Welcome to the forum, @osbeug001! :slight_smile:

Don’t pick on him already @JonahTheBard … he just started posting… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would have been better behaved, but imagining a Droid portal was too exciting.

It’s an interesting idea. I think it would need a proper analysis of balance - i.e. there are loads of good wizards and a much smaller number of sorcerors.

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