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Hello SG. I have an idea. I think maybe SG can come up with Class Summon which summons only a specific class of heroes. Normal payments of gems for a single pull and 10 pulls. Basically, when you summon class of Ranger, you will only get a Ranger hero 3 to 5 star and of course the HOTM is a possibility too and the Class Summon alternates with Elemental Summon. That way, we can use gems for those specific Class.

If it comes together with Trial quest, then two classes of heroes are in the pot. Meaning that, if the trials quest is for Sorcerers and Wizards, then the Class Summon consists of Sorcerers and Wizards Heroes only.

I actually think it is a great idea ! change the elemental summon for class summon the trial days.
That may help players to balance their rosters a bit (those who are starting) and compete better in the trials


Good idea l like it. :heart:

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Good idea :slight_smile:

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Yeah agree on this iv leveled hero’s for quests even if they are not the best.
Sure people would spend some cash to get a class or f2p may spend gems for a class to help improve in trails

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I like it, especially if aligned with Trials! Could it also be a way to begin the integration of S1 and S2 together in a portal that’s not Atlantis?

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My suggestion is a summons for specific classes of heroes.

A suggestion I saw posted in Peer Support:
Class specific summons. We have elemental summons, and event summons, so why not one that provides heroes of random element but a specific class?

People are already having issues with not having appropriate heroes for the new quests, and while some of that is likely to be due to not having appropriate heroes levelled, some is probably due to not having enough heros of the correct classes. This might make it easier on them.

A class specific summoning could be a new summoning entirely or swap into the elemental slot, alternating class and elemental summons.

Kudos to a player named Balder for this idea.

How many heros are in each class?

If the pool is too small, SG would probably be more likely to consider the portal containing 2 classes

Have to take paywall heros out of the equation as well and only include tc heros so possibly 3 to 5 classes after that which elemental summons may already cover

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Presumably, as a very rough average, half of the number in an Elemental Summons, since there are twice as many classes.

I think that pool for only season 1 heroes would be fairly problematically small in practice. Seems like it would have to incorporate Season 2 as well, at the least. And some of the classes have an awful lot of HOTM in them…

Maybe have a special summon that replaces elemental during atlantis?


It would be interesting, for sure. Maybe it could work sort of like Atlantis and have some mix of Season 1/2/old HOTM, but all from the same class.

Or maybe it could also have other heroes from other classes, but increased odds for a hero from the desired class.

I figure at the right price per summons, any possibility is reasonable. It just might need some balancing to make it even with other summons and not have a crazy high pull cost.


I would almost bet there would be a minimum of 2 classes in the portal. 1 class just seems to narrow for me. And only 3 days to summon, they could cover at around half the classes with a 24 hour window every 2 or 3 classes before rotating to the next 2 or 3


It could match the Trials, like Summons of Fortitude, and have both classes.

And maybe a 24 hour activation during the trial.


That’s a good point. It would make sense to offer an ‘event specific’ summons. “Trials Summon”, that combines 2 classes into one and coincides with the corresponding Trials event.

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Jinx :wink:

(Does this post count as on-topic because it’s a class talent?)


Still need numbers that don’t include paywall heros.

Who wants to figure up how many tc heros are in each class?

They’re marked here, but I’m in the middle of an errand:

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