Class Stack effects

Does anyone know the actual increase rate or even if there is one. When stacking the same hero in one line. Do hero’s of the same class stack and if so is it 25% each or 25% total?

It was already covered.
Talents have different approaches depending which class.

There are clearly defensive talents (paladin shields, druid companion, monk status defence, rogue evade, cleric manashield) that are linked on the single hero.
This talents stack with whatever that heroes have with some exceptions (paladin shield stack with other defensive buffs, companions can be added for a max of 3 and then replaced)

There are clearly attacking skills (barbarian wounds, sorcerer delay, wizard jinx, ranger pierce).
All of them “stack” but the other way around.

Rather then add, they can be less effective if you have multiple heroes using them of the same color, more effective if on a different color.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer I really do appreciate it as to I am not sure if multiples of the same hero or class would be of any beenefit. The question stemmed from on of my members asking how many Fridas would be best in a line up. I did not think it would be any benefit to have multiples of the same hero. Mainly due to the type of special skills she offers.

How do you figure they are less effective when stacked in the same color. The discussion I read said, that the total tile damage from a tile is used in the offensive talents. So stack a wizard and a barbarian if the same color and you get more damage if the talent procs then if they are different colors. However it may actually reduce the number of times in each stack that may trigger a particular talent. So actually sitting the same talent in the same color would actually not decrease the chances of the talent proc’ing and increase the damage

Hey thanks for your reply. Are you talking about the increase in tile damage? Yeah can see that for sure but really the question is specifically the same hero in multiples on a line. Does the special skill stack?