Class Specific Summons


A suggestion I saw posted in Peer Support:
Class specific summons. We have elemental summons, and event summons, so why not one that provides heroes of random element but a specific class?

People are already having issues with not having appropriate heroes for the new quests, and while some of that is likely to be due to not having appropriate heroes levelled, some is probably due to not having enough heros of the correct classes. This might make it easier on them.

A class specific summoning could be a new summoning entirely or swap into the elemental slot, alternating class and elemental summons.

Kudos to a player named Balder for this idea.

3* heroes from daily summon linked to class quests
Emblem summon

How many heros are in each class?

If the pool is too small, SG would probably be more likely to consider the portal containing 2 classes

Have to take paywall heros out of the equation as well and only include tc heros so possibly 3 to 5 classes after that which elemental summons may already cover


Presumably, as a very rough average, half of the number in an Elemental Summons, since there are twice as many classes.

I think that pool for only season 1 heroes would be fairly problematically small in practice. Seems like it would have to incorporate Season 2 as well, at the least. And some of the classes have an awful lot of HOTM in them…


Maybe have a special summon that replaces elemental during atlantis?



It would be interesting, for sure. Maybe it could work sort of like Atlantis and have some mix of Season 1/2/old HOTM, but all from the same class.

Or maybe it could also have other heroes from other classes, but increased odds for a hero from the desired class.

I figure at the right price per summons, any possibility is reasonable. It just might need some balancing to make it even with other summons and not have a crazy high pull cost.


I would almost bet there would be a minimum of 2 classes in the portal. 1 class just seems to narrow for me. And only 3 days to summon, they could cover at around half the classes with a 24 hour window every 2 or 3 classes before rotating to the next 2 or 3


It could match the Trials, like Summons of Fortitude, and have both classes.

And maybe a 24 hour activation during the trial.


That’s a good point. It would make sense to offer an ‘event specific’ summons. “Trials Summon”, that combines 2 classes into one and coincides with the corresponding Trials event.


Jinx :wink:

(Does this post count as on-topic because it’s a class talent?)


Still need numbers that don’t include paywall heros.

Who wants to figure up how many tc heros are in each class?


They’re marked here, but I’m in the middle of an errand:


20 characters


Barbarian: 8 tc heros
Cleric: 7 tc heros
Druid: 7 tc heros
Fighter: 9 tc heros
Monk: 7 tc heros
Paladin: 9 tc heros
Ranger: 6 tc heros
Rogue: 6 tc heros
Sorcerer: 5 tc heros
Wizard: 6 tc heros

All have 2 tc20 5* except for paladin that has 3 and sorcerer has 1

Strength = fighter/barbarian 17 heros(4 5*)

Fortitude = cleric/druid 14 heros(4 5*)

Mysticism = sorcerer/wizard 11 heros (3 5*)

Serenity = paladin/ranger 15 heros(5 5*)

Survival = rogue/barbarian 14 heros(4 5*)

Justice = monk/paladin 16 heros(5 5*)

Piety = cleric/monk 14 heros(4 5*)

Decimation = fighter/wizard 15 heros(4 5*)

Nature = druid/ranger 13 heros(4 5*)

Shadows = rogue/sorcerer 11 heros(3 5*)

Heros = TC heros


So not quite even, as expected, but not insanely uneven either.


It would take some creativity to make them all even

Scheduling the quests to fall on events and season 2 then including those heros in those classes in the pools would probably be something to look at

But that increases odds for heros that are supposed to be hard to get



The odds in the pool can be split up to make it work. I just don’t know if by the time you do that and have high-quality very rare heroes in the pool if the summons cost has to be so high — or the appearance odds so low — that it’s not really worth offering.


Could increase odds of the classes whose quests are currently active or do it a week ahead

Or do it for 1 class from current quest and 1 class from next

Get them into a roatiton of 2 at a time and try to shift it just right where paladin and fighter are paired with sorcerer which could mean rearranging the unofficial quest schedule around a bit.

Only way i can think of at the moment that wouldnt favor 1 party(players) or the other party(SG) too much one way or the other. Of course SG wins either way but there still has to be a fine line between gamblers and the house


Hmm, or maybe 3-4 classes, current trial and one some amount of time out.

I think the upshot is some form of this seems doable, and likely to appeal to many players.


All pairing have 3 or more 5* and they could be featured in pairs like the returning HotMs in Atlantis. I think the summons should be 24hours prior to the trial, then we know the trial ahead of tome and can work on our heroes pulled a little bit. This will work too if they were already planning on cycling them like event quests. Then it’s not like a surprise.

I’m in the boat that I have 1 sorcerer that isn’t 2* for the Mysticism one coming up. I could use a class specific summons.