Class Quests too difficult for new or lower level players. Need several levels of difficulty

For those of us that don’t hv a bushel of all varieties of leveled up heroes in every class, these Class Quests are far too difficult! I, for one, haven’t been able to complete any of them. The 3rd, last, level is too difficult to win. Trying time after time after time (after waiting to get the 20 flags or using up my world health refills) is getting VERY OLD!

The difficulty levels should be varied based on ones level. Do you have different difficulties for the lower players or are all the quests the same no matter your level? If they are the same, this needs to change.

Please consider at least 3 different levels of Class Quests.


@Ladyrowaan You’re not alone in lamenting the challenge of the Class Trials, as this fairly lengthy thread shows:

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Meanwhile, there’s a new post from earlier today with someone arguing they should be harder. (At least the first two stages.) So I guess suffice it to say the experience with them varies a lot across players, it seems.

Personally, I’ve found the first stages easy, and the last stages doable but somewhat challenging. But I have a decent roster of 4* heroes at this point, along with plenty of leveled 3* to fill in where needed, and a couple 5* heroes I’ve started working on.

They definitely require having a wide breadth of leveled heroes and/or some strong battle items.


I don’t mind challenging but I do feel that there should be a minimum of about 3 different Class Quest difficulties depending on the level the player has achieved. I have close to 90 heroes but am still trying to level them…

Thank you for referring to the other threads but they didn’t mention a solution as far as I read… granted, I didn’t read the whole thing! Lol!

I haven’t had any trouble at all completing the first stages of the challenges so far. I enjoy going in with the most ridiculous combinations of heroes and making it work! One I passed with only four heroes because I didn’t have a fifth in the required class groups, and one of them was a three-star I had never fed and was at level 1/1. Still beat the first level and got a few tokens (and some xp and other farming loot) for my pains.

The second two levels are hard, sure. But what do beginning players need with a bunch of tokens? I’ve been playing four months and I only have three completely leveled heroes to even consider using tokens on …


This sort of idea has been suggested for Quests in general before.

I guess my question for you is whether you’re completing the first stage or two successfully. If so, aren’t those effectively the ones appropriate for where you are in the game?

Actually, for solutions, we should focus on strategy.

This might help more on that front:


There have also been some discussions on teams and recommendations for each Trial so far that have other approaches suggested in addition to what @madmarv has put together that focuses on standard 4* and minimal items:


I’m winning the first two without much trouble. The second is difficult but strategy definitely is needed. It’s just the third level has proven to be impossibly hard and costly to try for too many times.

And, we all want to amass as many items (tokens included) as possible in this game. All I’m asking for is a chance to win since I assume you all started out as a lower level too.

***Maybe offer fewer tokens for the lower level Class Quests so it’s not unfair to the higher level players as well?

I see it as on par with Rare Quests, Challenge Events, and Season 2 Hard levels, which all took me several months of leveling progress to be able to complete.

But in terms of recommendations for you for the third level, can we look at what team and items you used for a Trial or two? I’m happy to try to give some suggestions. :slight_smile:


Yes, some people can do the third and some can’t. Some people use loads of crafted items, and some don’t.

That you can complete the first two with relative ease should be enough, and then you focus on building teams that can complete the last ones. It will be far more satisfying than asking for a nerf to content.



Ehm… there are already 3 levels.

May I ask you if you can complete all the stages in events challenges?
If not, you stop when you feel it’s getting too hard for you. Now it’s the same (oh well, not exactly but I don’t want to go through it again).
Do what you can and leave what you can’t. If something is too hard, try to figure out why and work toward that goal in the next future.

Also it may be useful to list your heroes and their levels. There are a lot of nice and helpful people here that will surely give you usefeul suggestions.


Thank you, I very much appreciate your willingness to go thru this with me and would like to but I’ve got to call it a night. I have a 6:00 am appt to go to in the morning. I’ll have to have time to get the info and I just don’t hv time atm.

Thank tho!! :+1:


I mean three levels of difficulty in the entire quest… or even four. Not inside the Quests, the quests themselves. I maybe should hv said it more clearly… sorry ‘bout that!

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Sleep well, and hope your appointment goes well! Come back when you have time, maybe before you give the next Trial a shot, happy to give some advice, and like @Stryge said, lots of other friendly forum folk will be happy to too. :slight_smile:


Since these are only available for a relatively short time, it’s very discouraging too miss every last level and hv no way to go back after getting stronger… at least on the regular challenges you are able to take months to get stronger and then defeat them.

I didn’t want to make this a controversial request. I merely thought that having them be the same difficulty for all is very discouraging for some and easy for others. And, for the lower difficulty quests the payout should also be less. I did mention that as well.

In case this wasn’t clear, they’re on a 2x/week, 5-week cycle. So every 5 weeks you’ll get a shot at the same Class Trial again.


Ah, I didn’t catch that part. Thank you for clearing that up! That makes all the difference actually!


You’re welcome! When you want info on them (including what we think is likely to be the order, which we’ll know for sure once we get through this first cycle), this thread is AWESOME:


I just want to add that the class system is a new mechanic that affects everyone. Even “old” accounts in my alliance are throwing together some crazy teams of miscellaneous under leveled heroes to try and attempt these trials.

The best thing to do when you do have time, imo, is to look at the class breakdown and schedule of trials, identify the holes/weakspots in your roster and prioritize your hero leveling. At the same time you can also focus on crafting items that will help you finish a hard level and make sure you’re equipped with the right items for each trial (e.g. healing pots, antidotes in case Azlar goes off etc.).


Thank you Perilin. I admit I haven’t used the forums as much as I should. I did not know there was a schedule. I appreciate your advice!
I’ve got to go, thanks for your help!


Here I must disagree. If lower-leveled players are having difficulty beating the Class Quests, shall we then reduce the amount of tokens they are able to win? No. No.


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