Class Quests too difficult for new or lower level players. Need several levels of difficulty


I mean three levels of difficulty in the entire quest… or even four. Not inside the Quests, the quests themselves. I maybe should hv said it more clearly… sorry ‘bout that!


Sleep well, and hope your appointment goes well! Come back when you have time, maybe before you give the next Trial a shot, happy to give some advice, and like @Stryge said, lots of other friendly forum folk will be happy to too. :slight_smile:


Since these are only available for a relatively short time, it’s very discouraging too miss every last level and hv no way to go back after getting stronger… at least on the regular challenges you are able to take months to get stronger and then defeat them.

I didn’t want to make this a controversial request. I merely thought that having them be the same difficulty for all is very discouraging for some and easy for others. And, for the lower difficulty quests the payout should also be less. I did mention that as well.


In case this wasn’t clear, they’re on a 2x/week, 5-week cycle. So every 5 weeks you’ll get a shot at the same Class Trial again.


Ah, I didn’t catch that part. Thank you for clearing that up! That makes all the difference actually!


You’re welcome! When you want info on them (including what we think is likely to be the order, which we’ll know for sure once we get through this first cycle), this thread is AWESOME:


I just want to add that the class system is a new mechanic that affects everyone. Even “old” accounts in my alliance are throwing together some crazy teams of miscellaneous under leveled heroes to try and attempt these trials.

The best thing to do when you do have time, imo, is to look at the class breakdown and schedule of trials, identify the holes/weakspots in your roster and prioritize your hero leveling. At the same time you can also focus on crafting items that will help you finish a hard level and make sure you’re equipped with the right items for each trial (e.g. healing pots, antidotes in case Azlar goes off etc.).


Thank you Perilin. I admit I haven’t used the forums as much as I should. I did not know there was a schedule. I appreciate your advice!
I’ve got to go, thanks for your help!


Here I must disagree. If lower-leveled players are having difficulty beating the Class Quests, shall we then reduce the amount of tokens they are able to win? No. No.


@Ladyrowaan, this is slightly off topic, but you mentioned you are completing the first two levels and not the third. Do you remember what your team power was for any / all of the trials? And how heavy your item usage was?

I’m asking because I’m trying to help some of my alliance members gauge / complete the trials, so having another data point of what level team power is succeeding / struggling would be helpful to me.


The big problem with the last level of these things is that they cost way to many flags. 20 WE is crazy. If you have some bad tiles and are a little underpowered anyway, you have to wait 3 1/2 hours to try again or blow 75 gems. That’s way too much either way. Drop these to something reasonable like, 4/8/12 WE and give people a chance.


Class Quests are primarily designed for experienced players with a higher variety of eligible heroes. If the last level is 4000 TP it is clear that it is not designed for lower level players. It works just fine.
Just imagine playing the game for year and a half (or more) without emblems like experienced players did. Think of it as an added bonus. You simply cannot catch up with those players and that is fine because that is exactly like it should be.


Hi IvyData,

I’m a new (1 month 5 days) F2P player. I only just finished my rainbow 3* team. I’ve been able to complete the first two stages of every class quest so far with a rag tag team including 2* and even 1* heroes.

Serenity was:

Power 1632
Isshtak 3/20
Needler 3/40
Olaf 3/40
Sharan 2/20
Nightshade 2/20


Power 2046
Scarlett 3/60
Dawa 1/12
Layla 3/40
Zudak 3/40
Toril 2/22

I know most advanced players would poo-poo the idea of leveling low level heroes but it’s been the only way I’ve survived. I look ahead at the upcoming quest and make a point of bring the reflecting colors. Really helped against the Evade of Scarlett and Domitia. Tile damage, axes and arrows got me through.


I honestly see people posting very bad teams that were able to clear even the last stage.

I think those people deserve the right to distinguish from who can’t do it.


I wouldn’t mind at all seeing the tiers stretched from three levels out to, say, five.

It’d be a nice enough way both to give lower level players access to a few more playable levels, and to give everyone a chance to get more emblems a few more times a month.


@wineybrit, those team powers are pretty impressive. I’ve been guessing higher number were needed, though I readily admit that the ‘true’ number is well below the recommended team power. Was your item usage heavy for stage 2? I’m still impressed, even if the answer is yes!


Sorry, but the too long, didn’t read fits here.

OP, not everyone gets a trophy. I have many maxed heroes, but I found that when I maxed them I had no idea some were rogues while others were rangers. This caused me to have to lose a third level as my team was under-strength.

I am sure many players didn’t finish every level of every trial. I am working to get better. Grind, don’t whine


When I leveled most of my heroes, there was no such thing as classes. Now I’m having to reconsider my priorities in levelling order based on the new game system. Some classes I’m currently way ahead on, others are giving me issues when it comes to putting together a strong and effective class-based team for the trials.
What the people complaining about the difficulty seem to forget, or have yet to realise however, is that this is a slow game. Just because a feature exists doesn’t mean a player can, or should, be able to make use of it in the first month or so. The game caters for both new and long-term players, so it’s to be expected that something aimed to interest and entertain the people who’ve played for over a year will be too hard for those who have only had weeks or months of gameplay under their belts.
The answer isn’t to make all the endgame, hardest advanced stage, features easier for the new players, it’s for the newer players to learn the game and see the hardest parts as targets to be reached by their own skill, not giveaways that are theirs by right just for participating.
There does need to be a clear progression from easier to harder for newcomers to measure themselves against, like say having easier stages before the final hard one, but just turning the new features into auto-gimmes for just playing ultimately benefits nobody.


LOL. Everything. Barely scraped through on both with one or two heroes hanging on to life on almost 100% items used. I think I had 1or2 small mana potion left on Survival, but only because at that point I had no one left worth using them on. Got lucky with a last minute cascade that finished off Domitia. Went in with all heroes charges and ready to go; punched Toril for the attack boost and then Evade, Evade, Evade, Evade!!! It’s supposed to be a 20% chance!


Seriously? Y’all just want everything handed to you? You think you should be able to get everything no matter your progression?

You said you have 90 heroes, but are still leveling them. So you spent a bunch of money and now you have to wait to level them up. You don’t need the class emblems yet.

This is not a game where progression can be significantly sped up.