Class quests ridiculous

I finished the last stage with Gormek, Lancelot, Namahage, Nashgar, and Azar. TP under 3000. Used the middle 2 healing potions, antidotes and arrows.

Lemme guess, Lancelot died? :slight_smile:

I won this with a 3200 team and a few crafted items. why don’t you actually try before coming here to complain.


Everyone died except Namahage, and he had like 30 health left. I should have brought a miracle scroll.

Sorry, my fault as confused with wars - BT, Grimm, Colen, Azar and Karil.

So definitely do-able with 2 3*, 3 4* (one at 3/60)

Actually he survived for me. I was shocked lol

Still feel like they need to tweak him a bit but guess classes will eliminate that need

The TP recommendations are far higher than the TP actually needed. The first stage can easily be done with 1500-1700 TP or so, the second with 2200-2400. Haven’t played the last so far but I expect it to be a lot easier than the last stage of the X-mas event (which also recommended 4000 TP).

I like the new mode with class restrictions as we are forced to use heroes and team combinations we otherwise wouldn’t. This breaks the routine and adds more strategy to the game.

In contrast to the people complaining that it’s ridiculous or too hard, I rather think it’s almost too easy. I expected it to be a real fight and the hardest stage of the class Quests at a difficulty level that can only be done with class-leveled heroes :laughing:


I did this quest with:
Elena: 4/80
Lancelot: 4/70
Gormek: 3/60
Little John: 3/60

I really struggled in the final round.
Only Bold was still standing at the end. Used green potions and healing pots.

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I brought boldtusk(3/60), little john(3/60), kage(4/80), gormek(4/70) and grimm(3/60).

I had my own plan to kill the last bosses especially those stages that requires more than 4000 trophies. I brought dragon attack and bomb attack with me. I manage to hit the bosses until their hp lower than 50%. Then I used up all my bomb and dragon attack to hit them until they are all dead. :joy:

Think about having 5x bomb attack plus 5x dragon attack, you got (300x5=1500) + (400x5=2000) = 3500 damage that you can inflict by just using the items~ :sweat_smile:

Though I must say I’m lucky to have little john coz of him, only Nashgar manage to activate his special, once. Elena and Azlar didn’t get their chances. :smile:

Yes you can carpet bomb the bosses, but twice a week and your run thru your items like no tomo! I’m not saying their impossible to complete, but I have 35 hero’s lvled and the hero restriction is going to be hell for some time

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Did stage 2 with this team… Used 2 3 minor healing… And an antidote… Nashgar bled… Will get home and try last stage.

Posted this in the similar thread - my experience

You can do it. gato is really cool.
I suggest carrying a bomb, not an arrow just in case

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My friend finish the 3500TP with a team that only have 1700 power. He use arrow, axe, and bomb. 5x arrow 5x axe 5x bomb equal to 3000 damage. The bosses in 3500TP only have 2200-2300 hitpoints.

I thought the same thing when first seeing it, but tried it anyway. I believe the TP suggestions are overstated. Below is my team. Completed easy stage with no battle items and medium with a few dragon banners, arrows, bombs and axes (1-3 each) but feel I may have overused them since I wanted to be sure. Not sure I want to try 3rd level due to WE cost but it’d be interesting.

Yes, those are some 2*. Lol

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Well. We’ll see how it goes.
In have these ones + toril :wink:

Toril= 2* that gives 48% attack boost for 4 turns I think

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nooo … just keep the formation like first. my wife brought gato and he was very special

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I took fully leveled boldtusk, Azlar, Grave and 3/70 Missamdra and 3/70 Magni. Auto played the first two levels. Played last level. Hit bosses with dragon attacks, bombs, arrows then hit with Azlar and they were pretty much dead. A few tile hits and that was it. Got to see Elena revive herself.

i would go with second valen instead of nashgar

colen ljohn and 3xblues

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Nooo… you need more red for mobs
Mobs = blue n green
Final stage

  1. 3 mobs
  2. 3 mobs
  3. 3 mobs
  4. 4 or 5 mobs i forget :joy:
  5. boses lion, elena, nasgar
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