Class quests ridiculous

I agree.

But the whole game is “the stronger you are, the easier it gets to get stronger even further”

So it fits the “theme” for me.

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Just tried the final stage of the class quest with a TP of 2700…I failed, but it might have gone in my favor with a better board. I had to use all my battle items to make it a close match, however.

That said, I won’t be trying it again at this time. I’d rather use my WE for farming recruits to feed my TC20s instead of a chance at emblems. I’d also rather save my battle items for rare/challenge events since ascension materials are worth more to me.

I’m not sure I see the problem here. We’re looking at something that is closer to ‘end game’ content, with additional rewards for those who already have strong teams/rosters. The people who should be able to hit this are the people who also are able to complete all levels of the challenge events and it also changes the meta as you need to have a diverse bench of heroes to even be able to run the quest properly. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice, fresh change.


I completed final stage with Team Power cca 2600 .

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I was able to finish the quests without issues. Although I could only use blue and red heroes in my case.
So I had Grimm x2, Magni, Boldtusk and Gormek all maxed. I needed to use mana potions on the last boss fight.

lol, if you have to choose between any of those things, pass on the rare titan. I’m usually seeing 0-1 person get the bonus item. My alt’s alliance had 2 people get the bonus and it was shocking.

Also don’t forget, the people with the weakest rosters can train up 3* heroes pretty quickly. even with only 3 training camps, over a 2 week period, you can bang out a bunch of 3 stars to fill gaps. Missing a couple weeks of final stage or 2 of emblem quests isn’t a giant setback.

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I’m personally doing ok without using any items to complete things these days. I used no items on this class quest. I’m more worried about my alliance-mates who aren’t doing so well, though.

That said, this sounds like sage advice, and I’ll pass it along to my alliance. Thanks!

Hahahahahaha now all the people who didn’t listen to the advice of “level your 4* heroes as a priority” will suffffer I had no trouble putting together a team of 5 to beat the quest.

Is this a serious thing? This had to be the fastest and easiest quest I have done in a while.

Agreed. All the ones who didn’t listen to me regarding leveling hero’s for war are the ones complaining that they can’t finish. Or used a ton of items and had to restart a few times.

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I just needed antidotes. Also the suggested team power just looks intimidating. It says 4K team for last level but my team was 3400 and it was a walk in the park with boldtusk, 2 grimms, a Colen and little John.

i got very blasé about the quests and on my main account I got my butt kicked first time round on the last one.
Was this a fault of the game no it was my own stupid fault for not thinking and just going in guns blazing.
Second time I went straight through with no items except a few small healing potions.
My alt account benefitted from this for sure as I sat and thought about it and took some partially lvld hero’s with better skills and got through using only two revive scrolls.
I am sure that their will be trials my alt can’t do and I won’t moan or complain just put my emphasis as stated by others on here to lvl hero’s for the quests. This will impact slightly on the plans for AW teams but the end result will be some great teams to utilise

People that have used good 3* and 4* for feeding, will be in trouble at the trials.
My best advice is building up slow and steady to survive and grow in this game

I finished the 4000 Challenging stage using:

BT / Gormek / Gretel / Little John

Only used a couple antidotes on the last round. I did start the fight with Valen, as he was my ONLY Ice hero eligible for the fight, but he was dead by the 2nd wave and was no help what so ever. My TP was around 3200 i think.

The TP they recommend is way higher than it needs to be.

Ironically the people who don’t need those things to do the quest are often swimming in the materials needed to make those battle items.

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Do we know the pairings for the other quests? Like sorcerer/cleric maybe?

Spot on, my forge is lvl 12 and I have 5-600 of the items that I believe the high end items require, nuggets dragon bones fragments roots etc, I’m just maxing my final 3 farms, maybe I should prioritise forge next, to get some benefits for my surplus ingredients and use some of my spare iron to boot

The illustration below is one of the most valuable pieces of information available in preparation for the Class Quests. Knowing which classes get paired with each other is helpful in figuring which heroes to have ready for the quest. For me, it was brought to my realization (thanks again, @Suicide_Bunny) that ascending Domitia before Sartana was going to be valuable in strengthening my Rogue Class for the Trials of Survival and Trials of Shadows quests since Rogue is my weakest class.

I like this aspect of the game. It makes you build teams with heroes you probably would never use in raids and wars.



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