Class quests ridiculous

With no limitations (lvls and class) the cash splashers would outmatch a couple of months old player in a week for this type of quest > so it aint absurd.

I think you should try it. I will try it. > first step was very easy.
The bosses are nerfed. Bring battle items to ensure a victory.
No Boldtusk > healing potions. No Grimm > bring Valen. Bring antidotes for Azlar, step 3.

And this is true.
From experience I tell you that the first 2 months can be frustrating.
My advice is to finish a tc20 and start producing; from there you will see the game more relaxed.
Ofcourse this game aint for everyone (all types of people character pov); if you are eager to get to top best is to move on and let this game slip through…

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The final stage is rly not that hard, finished it with 3200 team, and 3 bomb attacks, my friend did a normal stage with 2217 power team. It rly isnt that big of an issue


Final stage on hard tier, 3 bosses, have 3.9k hp each, so you can even use dragon attack, bomb attacks and axes to 1shot them


:kissing_closed_eyes: i use this team from first to final stage


Azlar, BT, Magni, Gormek, Obakan - all maxed except Obakan who is on the way to max.
Was no problem at all for me. :flushed:

@Busan yeah thought about that item one shot when I saw the HP of the bosses

I will need some time to plan for reinfocerments to my heroes.

Thanks to the kindess of people that published all the information about these new quests, we know what type/color of heroes we’ll need for each quest, so we can figure out a development strategy.

(btw, kudos to Mariamne for her wonderful graphic summary. I love them!)

In my f2p account I have only 2 heroes in many classes: Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard. When their combined quest will come, I’ll be surely in trouble. I’ll try to get some 3* in the class I’m lacking.

In my c2p account i have 3 or more heroes in each class but I will have to start ascending some hero that I neglected for long time (Gadeirus, for example).

And I guess I’ll have to skip some of these trials until I get enough heroes.

Did they say how often a Trial will appear? I might have missed some announcement…


twice a week as per update announcement

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and seems to be a extra quest (doesnt replace a normal quest as rare quest does)
and my guess is that it spawns after the start of the war… might be wrong…



Challenging, but not ridiculous. I managed to get through with BT, Grimm, Colen (3/60), Kiril and Karil.

Used some battle items (antidotes, revive scrolls, small red pots, arrows), but otherwise OK. Pleased however that I’ve been spending my time getting 4* heroes up to at least 3/60 recently as I think I’ll need them for the class quests.

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Just for kicks and lazymode I did the final level of the 4000 tp class quest tier, with the 3 bosses, only by consumables. 5 arrows, 5 axes, 5 meteors, and I didn’t even have to use all my dragonattacks and the three bosses were dead without any of my heroes having come in action.

It’s not as hard as you might think.

I actually like the restriction. It forces you to play with weird ■■■ combinations of heroes you’d never use if you were given free choice. I went in with 2 Boldtusks and Delilah. Let’s just say I did not need health potions … :wink:


kiril? isnt he a wizard?

the only healers for barbarian and fighter are BT and Delilah- both fighters

I finished the last stage with Gormek, Lancelot, Namahage, Nashgar, and Azar. TP under 3000. Used the middle 2 healing potions, antidotes and arrows.

Lemme guess, Lancelot died? :slight_smile:

I won this with a 3200 team and a few crafted items. why don’t you actually try before coming here to complain.


Everyone died except Namahage, and he had like 30 health left. I should have brought a miracle scroll.

Sorry, my fault as confused with wars - BT, Grimm, Colen, Azar and Karil.

So definitely do-able with 2 3*, 3 4* (one at 3/60)

Actually he survived for me. I was shocked lol

Still feel like they need to tweak him a bit but guess classes will eliminate that need

The TP recommendations are far higher than the TP actually needed. The first stage can easily be done with 1500-1700 TP or so, the second with 2200-2400. Haven’t played the last so far but I expect it to be a lot easier than the last stage of the X-mas event (which also recommended 4000 TP).

I like the new mode with class restrictions as we are forced to use heroes and team combinations we otherwise wouldn’t. This breaks the routine and adds more strategy to the game.

In contrast to the people complaining that it’s ridiculous or too hard, I rather think it’s almost too easy. I expected it to be a real fight and the hardest stage of the class Quests at a difficulty level that can only be done with class-leveled heroes :laughing:


I did this quest with:
Elena: 4/80
Lancelot: 4/70
Gormek: 3/60
Little John: 3/60

I really struggled in the final round.
Only Bold was still standing at the end. Used green potions and healing pots.

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