Class Quests Need Tiebreakers or Sudden Death

I finished the Class Quest “Trails of Fortitude” but it took me about 45+ minutes because, after defeating the other two, Vivica just kept regenerating and my half dead team, even with attackers, just couldn’t do enough damage to her vs what she was able to heal. It was a very long fight, sometimes she would be up 2000, then I could slowly work her back down to 500 or so, but with her being in the center, any time I got a remotely bad board and had to fire dead tiles into her, she healed back up again and again and again. But there is no way she could have killed the team I had, which also had Vivica. I even had a debuffer to clear her defense buff, but it still wasn’t enough.

At no time did the sudden death or tiebreaker mechanic kick in, so the battle just kept on endlessly for 100’s of turns. There really needs to be something there to prevent these stalemates like there is in raids and war, etc.

I eventually got it done but it was a series of very lucky boards (just one good setup wasn’t even close to enough) and strategic use of my last battle item. I don’t think it would have been possible to end the stalemate otherwise.


Like what they do with raids, then.

That sounds wise, considering how many people are going to be, like you, on the cusp of winning, but not quite capable. Timer starts when boss phase is initiated…

As long as boss damage is increased equally to our own damage, I can’t see how it would cause any balance issues, either.

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Miracle scroll could have fixed that.


Battle items

Biggest difference between the quests and raids

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Yea I know about battle items but that situation shouldn’t be happening at all, with or without battle items. It’s a game issue not a player issue.

How is not a player issue?

You could have strategically changed the outcome, but you didn’t

Game issue would be an issue out of the player’s control. This issue is perfectly within the player’s control.

It was a long fight for me too, i kill vivica first, gosh i love Gafaar :heart:. with no healing for her it was just matter of time (arround 20 minutes). you can always change heroes or battle items to prevent and endless battle.


TBH, I like the idea that you can slug it out as long as needed on these quests. If for some reason you think you’ll never ever be able to win, just flee and the result would be same as a tie.


I agree. “It took too long so add a timer” seems just silly. If it’s too long for you, flee and try again new.

my first match was at thirty minutes and same problem continues heals. so I fled Match waited for my energy to refill and brought in someone with mana reducing abilities. after adding hansel to my roster with boril and caedmon it took only 5 minutes to kill them.

I wholeheartedly agree, with the setup I had to take in, sudden death would have been the death of my team for sure… The way it is now I was able to grind it out in around 30mins

Is there a bug/issue that you think you found, or is this more of an idea/feature request for how to improve class quests? I ask because I don’t think there’s currently a time limit mechanic that just failed to kick in, but I can totally understand why you’d want one.

Do you guys really think the devs intended a single quest battle to go on endlessly for almost an hour, or possibly more? Sure doesn’t seem that way considering all the other tiebreaker type of mechanics they put into the game already (not to mention it’s common sense, duh).

Should be pretty obvious, but of course here in the SG boards it’s like bizzaro land of rationalizations.


It was happening in beta before release and they didnt change it then either

Tiebreaker mechanics = pvp because there has to be a winner

Nothing else has tiebreaker mechanics due to battle items and unlimited retries

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While I do see your point, I don’t think it’s a good idea to add a timer. Or sudden death or anything alike. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the things I like about this game, no time pressure. With the exception of raids of course, because there has to be one winner and one loser there.

As far as I can tell, there is only one other game mechanic where a timer is involved: the monthly challenge events. I really don’t like that, but I understand that it is one of the three factors to determine a player’s high score, so yeah. And even then, it’s not a timer counting down as in raids.

No, I like the grind and if I can’t pass a stage or it takes too long, there is always the flee button and the opportunity to alter your set-up and try again.


Winters is right. No matter if you choose the wrong tools or not, there has to be a limit of fight time. I hadn’t such a problem for a while, but I hate long lasting fights.


My other thought is I’m paying 20WE, I want my “monies” worth out of it… I want the option to grind it out.


Me too, I would prefer the increasing damage like they do in raids after a certain number of turns that are basically stalemates. Eventually the damage is so high that someone will one-shot someone, even with a normal hit, and end it.

The other mechanic they use, the timer where you just lose immediately, I hate that one, wouldn’t ever want that to be the case.

But either way the fight shouldn’t have the ability to go on infinitely, anyone here pushing for that is mental.

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