Class quest level 30 requirement

So basically you are saying that it will not change because of potential complains?

Every change will bring some controversity, it’s absolutely normal.
Even when classes were introduced there were a lot of people complaining (including you, Rigs) but it didn’t stop SG from introducing it (luckly).

Sometimes people that started the game much earlier can’t see some problems because they lost the right perspective or because things changed a lot since then.
That’s why I think that everybody has the right to say what they think, keeping the tones always down, of course.

I’m just asking to give everybody the possibility to try, that’s it. Not asking for an easier life or whatever else.

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Really? We were all new players at one time lol

“Lost perspecitve due to experience” is a load of crap

We had to grow our accounts and heros to do the same things you guys are having to grow your levels and accounts to do

You make it sound like devs are just favoring players who have played longer when in actuality devs could be favoring the growth rate of players in the game

They have a plan in mind(i hope) for which they think is the right rate players at different levels should grow at and focus on

Do you really think level 20 players should spend their world energy on emblem quests for their 2 and 3* heros rather than farming to produce feeders for those heros?

We have 4 alliances. I cant think of a single player under level 30 that i would advise to spend their world energy failing at a 4k team power quest over farming for recruits, packs, swords, and craft mats

This new feature is geared towards end game players for a reason, many of us hit growth walls

Players under level 30 have not

Following your way of thinking, players under level 30 should focus on leveling 1 and 2* troops instead of leveling up their heros as well right?


ahahahah, may be you’re right, guys )))
but, by the way, i’ve never heard or been aware of topics “*** is unfair” )) and never was about to create those
my first “unfair” message - it was just like a “cry/scream of my soul” sorry i don’t know how to express that in English but here in russia we do have such an expression… ))
i just played that game and for the first time i thought something is unfair, just like that))
imagine feelings of people who is 29,5 lvl just like above.
and show me an example of such an unfair situation you’ve been gone through in this game pls) - when you’ve offered something you aren’t allowed to take.

ok there are some 40+, 50+ features and so on, but i knew nothing about this before and that was fine, so that is UNFAIR comparison )))
this is not about complaining it’s just some kind of misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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FYI this issue was hotly debated in beta. I haven’t read any new arguments in this thread that were not raised in beta. While it’s always reasonable to use these forums to provide constructive feedback, I don’t expect on this issue that there’ll be any change.



You’re a numbers guy

Based on xp required to level up between level 20 and level 30

If a player spent all their w/e flags on 8-7 without using flasks or buying more w/e, how long would it take a player to get from level 20 to level 30?

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@Rigs @Gryphonknight Check my math:

100+126+157+197+246+309+320+331+343+355+370 = 2854k from level 20 to 30 per XP per level requirements

Level 8-7 = 817xp/3 flags = 272.33 xp/flag

2854k/272.33 = 10,479.8 flags needed

10,479.8 flags at 6/hour = 1,746.6 hours needed = 72.8 days

Gut check feels about right on that, I think…about a week per level while in the 20s.


Did you count the w/e you get from each level up?

Each level up is an instant refill

No, good point, but that would only cover something like an average of 27 flags each time leveling, so I think that would only reduce it by ~270 flags = around 1.9 days.


That’s not bad considering its a slow way to level. Anyone who can complete these class quests should be able to farm 20-4 or other levels with better XP.


Can’t argue with the recruits though. Less than half way from 20 to 30 and already have around 12,000 stored.
Eight or nine days per level, 8-7 with some minor distractions for quests.
(800 backpacks, so could dump 4,000 of those recruits.)


How often do you level up?

So roughly 10 weeks to access more resources for a feature that’s supposed to take at least 1 year to get real solid use out of

Sounds fair to me


Because new players don’t have to sleep, right? :rofl:

Anyway I already said what I think and I feel the discussion is going sterile now.
I hope some Dev will read and understand the points and perspective of new players instead of listening to the same old resistance of ‘veterans’.

Btw I suppose that all beta players are veterans, right? It would clarify a lot.

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Lol sure the developers that specifically designed that rule with intentions in mind will suddenly see huge flaws due to the complaints of 5 players out of 5 million+ players

There’s a pot of gold at the end of rainbows too

Personally I would use 1.12-9 for better Player XP per World energy, 3* ascension items, ingredients rolls and XP per auto play hour. Also decent recruit drops.

I do not think Season 2 would be better.

Not sure what level to unlock 1.23-9, but the recruit drops are not great.


Unlocking Season 2

  • Accessing the new story map requires player to have reached province 15 of Story Season 1.

Stage data

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I only said 8-7 since it was the stage farmed the most my 1st year playing

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For a new player normal quests starts after some level. It does not start as soon as one starts playing.
Similarly class quest have level requirements.
I think this is designed such that one unlocks new features as one progresses.


One thing to keep in mind is that the class emblem quests are supposed to be twice a week, and am assuming each with two different emblems, like the first one had.

There are 10 emblems, and with four different ones every week I am thinking they are going to come back around pretty quickly, it’s not like you have to wait forever to get another chance at them.

and so what? they will keep earning them while i won’t be able to…

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Although I understand why you are against this “wall” for principle reasons I see two resons why the level 30 limitation will stay.

  1. It kkeps PTW at bay.

2a) Already quite some players above level 30 wouldnt finish trial of fortitude because their choice of heroes was very limited and carpet bombing through level 3 is not sustainable in the long run. It takes a certain understanding of the game to see this dead end coming.

2b) I have already seen players threatening the usual rage quit because they didnt have the “good” heroes available in their otherwise super rooster.
This would be geting worse if you wouldnt have a level limitation.

So it seems the develpoers might have reasons to implement this level limitations and since it is their game we will have to go with it.


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