Class Emblem Trial Quests - Chance for Reset Emblem - Sep 20 - NO

Hey SGG what’s happening? Should we pay also for food and iron? Instead of making a little more friendly the game for F2P or C2P you want more and more money. I really hope that the players will stop giving you money

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still no reset emblem :cry:


I think we deserve that SGG tell us if there’s still chance to get the reset emblem from trials or it has been withdrawn.


I am sure that noone will answer to our questions… No reset emblems, the odds in summon portals become lower and lower, for everything we should pay… Right @Staff_SGG?

Knock it off. The portal odds improved drastically for ToL. The rest haven’t changed.

As for the reset token, there’s a 10% chance for not getting one in 17 trials presuming my guess of 1/8 odds for any one trial is right.

But they added them without notice, so they could have removed them too. Before a year ago reset tokens were the single rarest item in the game.

I would like staff input, but I don’t expect it. And spouting off hyperbole isn’t going to help.

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