Class Emblem Trial Quests - Chance for Reset Emblem - Jan 17 - NO

There should be at least one new Quest that include guaranteed Reset Token, each month. There is already has a quest with Raid Flask Energy, so…

Stage 1 - World Eenergy Flask + Atlantis coins
Stage 2 - Titan Energy Flask + Atlantis coins
Stage 3 - Reset Token + Ninja coins


Nah, it’s just coincidence! /s

Another trial quest without reset emblem token… we continue to hope for one… maybe someday. :rofl:


I’ve got the feeling that the increased emblem drop came together with the abysmal reduction (or complete removal)of token drop chance.
I hope I’m wrong

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The abysmal reduction is already there.
I mean, come on, we haven’t got a reset token in months.

I just wish that SGG communicated what’s going on with this - they did mention it when they nerfed the loot ticket drops, but so far it’s been radio silence on the reset token drop chances.

Not a good look.

Gunvor asked them and they said they still there but just rare…

My guess could be as now once a team is locked into war you can’t add to them, but you can take away. Say I wanted too strip a hero of emblems my war defense will be fine, but can now put onto another hero to use in a battle then strip and use on another hero for another battle strip and put on my original hero.

Another no.

Not like I need them or use them often.

I’d just like a little transparency. They appeared suddenly out of nowhere and now have disappeared. Why?

-Drop rates reduced? Fine, let us know.
-No longer possible loot from trials? Cool, thanks for saying so.
-A bug? It’s been a while so something changed.


Yeah, I have over 20 and have maybe 2 heroes I’d reset. But saying “they’re still in the loot list “ is different from “the odds have not changed”, and it’s not clear that the devs have answered that, despite @Guvnor’s efforts.

And if the answer is that the odds haven’t changed… then I recommend they check for it actually generating… because at a 12.5% rate we’re at a 1% chance. At a 10% rare it’s 2%. Pretty long odds.

And, as with the reflection pierce, sometimes the players are actually right about problems that aren’t immediately apparent from the code. (I know, blasphemy; I was a dev too).

I desperately need some reset emblems, I acquired some Valhalla heroes and would like to use them. When you click on a reset emblem it says it can be found in war chests and raid tournaments only. This sucks, I mostly finish in top 1 and 5% of weekly tournaments(excluding 5* tournaments) but nothing, war chest nothing, nowhere else to be found…

Hmm, I also usually get mine from tournaments and war chests. I wish that you will get them soon. :slight_smile:

!!! Today has reset emblem!


and as soon as i was giving up on the sheet they gave it back :rofl:

sheet has been updated


Lol. Same here. :rofl:

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Yeah, me too




IIRC, that makes it 17 weeks, 34 trials, between those last two. Hopefully there won’t be that long of a dry spell again.

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Only reason it came up is SGG recognised I (someone who was on the game almost every waking hour, and by no means a whale but spent a little beyond my means) had pretty much disappeared (cut down to less than an hour a day I guess, after finding an alternative game that I’d rate as Epic and at least Seven times better than this hehe)… also got an EHT and Scope in MV I watched right before doing trial… coincidence, hmm maybe…

Today,No reset emblem.


Today,no reset emblem~


Today,still no reset emblem.But I forgot to do screenshot,sorry.


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