Class Emblem Trial Quests - Chance for Reset Emblem - Jan 17 - NO

Iv never used a reset token. I given emblems some to hero’s that makes them a bit better with out doing a full reset, as I know I’ll need them in the future sure it ain’t alot but events trials I still want that extra bit off power.
One day I will prob have to strip amennoa she be the first love my ghosty haha :ghost:

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Heh yeah I know obviously my example was an exaggeration. Just sarcasm from frustration.

It isn’t a big deal really. I guess I still have the bad taste in my mouth of waiting a month or two to reset a +20 4* and was loathe to “lose” the handful of emblems if I reset via gems, as I’m not swimming in emblems for starters.

At least they are finally dishing out more emblems in general to help the later starters to catch up a bit. I praise them for that. Just… either remove the concept of a reset token, or give us a guaranteed source… every 4th trial perhaps, or a freebie on the first of each month, or once per VIP or PoV period. Just something we can plan on… not based on RNG (as in quite possible to not see another one in a trial for the next 12 months, without any “pity counter”, which I find quite stupid.)


I still think it’s a bit odd that SG are using their own RNG system to determine what kind of loot everyone gets from their own events.

I learned a long time ago that my own boards, summons, war matchmaking etc. were generated automatically using algorithms. I mean, obviously there can’t be some person sitting there in SG headquarters deciding exactly what outcome every player is going to get from everything. That would be ridiculous.

But for some reason, I always thought that their scheduled events were supposed to show up at scheduled times and have scheduled rewards.

They are actually leaving it entirely up to RNG to decide whether everyone who completes the event gets a token or not?

That’s… just… I don’t even know.

What next? Throw a bunch of random stats into a spinning RNG machine and whatever it spits out is our next HotM? Will it be ridiculously OP or total garbage? Nobody knows for sure until the machine stops spinning! Stay tuned to find out!

That just seems like an epically high level of laziness to me. “Hey guys, we’re gonna take the next 3 months off and just let RNG make all the decisions for us.”


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I believe their summon system is determine on how long the account has been active & played. It feels like the longer you play the less chance you will get a better hero.

The longer you play… the more you need to spend !

Most of the players doesn’t use emblems to make their heroes “a bit better” in this game. Every war buff is different so we can’t always use the same heroes as defensive. That’s when we need to reset the emblems and apply them on a different hero :slight_smile:

I’d argue the opposite - keep the ability to move emblems difficult and expensive.

If moving them was free, everyone would have every hero they use fully emblemed and maxed, depending on what was needed each day.

At least with the system now, you have to plan ahead and strategize where you want them - and nobody will be fully-maxed in every circumstance. Which I don’t see as a negative…


Allow us to reset X nodes worth of emblems, whether that is one node or 20 nodes, and adjust gem cost appropriately. No more lost emblems by not using a reset emblem, and more flexibility when it comes to managing roster. Also allows for easier talent path fixes/adjustments. If you want to change node 13 and 14 on a +15 hero for example, let us do a partial (three node in this case) reset.

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I know that has been the case for many players, but it was the opposite for me. I spent the most in my first few months of playing, and didn’t get my first 5* hero until 6 months later.

Majority of the best heroes I have, I got for free. And not until after I had been playing for over a year.

RNG. What are you gonna do? :man_shrugging:

No reset emblem yet again. This is getting hilarious.


SG wants that users use gems to reset emblems.


Lol I actually didn’t even pay attention to the loot for this one… its like I’ve forgotten they once existed! :rofl:


it seems that is Rng the one who has forgotten some numbers…

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It all is mathematics. Imagine the drop rates all around in the game, do you think a reset token have a higher chance then 3-4% drop ratio ? If it did we already saw it as a drop in past months. But nay ,even a simple item like Reset Emblem have very drop ratio’s because everything is designed in this game to take from players and try to sell everything.

The game design and philosophy is the main issue atm and me personally makes it worse as each other day I feel less and less desire to play.


Just completed the last stage of the trials and emblems where not show in the rewards screen. They appear in the recent activity screen. Have I received them? Can’t be sure, I don’t know how many emblems had before/after trials. Someone noticed same issue?

Didn’t notice same issue, however I think I just “clicked out” of the trial quest rewards screen as the loot was popping up (hence me not even thinking to check for reset emblem, was too focussed on knowing I hit a 125 emblem milestone and was off to bling Lakey to +8).

So yeah I definitely received them, but can’t say if they appeared in quest reward screen.


No reset yet again. When was the last one?

July 22nd… aka 20eternities

No reset emblem token again … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


the problem is not that there is no token, but rather the opacity of the odds and other game mechanics, so …#nospend.


Yeah nah, no way SG. Calling BS on this one.

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