Clash of the Titans openings!


Clash of the Titans We have TWO openings! We are a friendly, helpfull, active alliance and regularly take down 6* Titans (starting to taking down 7*s). We ask that you are active daily, hit Titans and have a team power of 2500


Hi I’m interested in joining. Team power is 2983, cups 1750 average currently.


Hi…please request to join Clash of the Titans…we will be looking forward to meeting you!


Hi all…we have ONE opening left, don’t let it slip away!


We currently have a full house…I will update with any future openings! Thanks🙂


A spot just opened up, stop by and ask to join…Clash of the titans


Hey…thanks for your interest, we are currently full, I will update with future openings!


Hi guys, 2 spots just opened up in clash of the titans! We had to let a 8* go yesterday, but just took down a 7*. If you’re up for a challenge and want to help us take down our first 8*, then join us! Min team requirement 2500


All set! Will update with any future openings…Thanks!


Still have an opening?


Hi Heather, sorry all our spots are filled. I will update with any future openings! Thanks!


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Hi Heatherist…are you still looking? We have one…maybe two openings!


Are you looking for a friendly, helpful, active bunch that enjoy smashing titans as much as you do? Then you are looking for

          ****Clash of the Titans****                                 

and we are looking for you! TWO spots available! 7* titan up right now, come take your best shot! No cup requirement, team power 2500+