Clash of knights, Wo3K Or S4

Can only pick 1 portal to summon for this couple of months. Help me decide which portal it would be

  • Chinese heroes
  • Wolf/raven
  • For Hulda

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Who are your existing Raven and Wolf heroes? The family bonus is a very powerful one

Only Quenell and ferant. I want Quintin and Wolfgang actually. But there are also very good Chinese heroes like Diao Chan and Cao Cao

I voted for CoK heroes because their portal comes every three months, while the War of Three Kings portal should come every month.


Voted for CoK cos FB nasty. And it’s every 3 months.

I will probably buy coin packs for W3K and S4.

If it happens, it happens.

The key to the decision is not just about 5* heroes (we know the % pop out rate)…but the whole package.


  • How many S4 heroes you have / want ?
  • How many CoK heroes you have / want ?
  • Are you interested in any of the WO3K heroes?

Look at which fellows you want more & 5* heroes will be a bonus if you get any…

I am not interested in S4 / CoK = I have many heroes of all types…
WO3K has 3 * & 4s I want & will do some pulls there… 5 popping out is most welcome :rofl:

Thats my approach !


To be honest, it’s hard for me to decide and luckily I can pull from both. That said, if you twisted my arm for and answer, I’d choose WO3K simply because the heroes just seem insane and would work really well with my roster. There’s a hero who’s minions steal dispellablr or buffs and randomly place them on your allies. For me that’s huge. I don’t have a debuffer other than the hatter and I have too many greens ahead of him at the moment.

The only caveat is that you have two clash of knights heroes. The synergy on the family bonuses are so strong. I have ferant, Wolfgang, Quintin and lewena. So that’s also the reason I’m pulling from this portal as well. I’ve also commited to doing at least double my typical pulls if that says anything about the portals as well. Good luck, I hope you get some fire heroes!

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Agree with this too, there are 3s and 4s in WO3K so it can be a better value portal. There’s a “counterattack” 3 star now. Not a traditional counterattack hero, not super strong, but a new mechanic. That’s dope!

Few heroes of WO3K have got me thinking…

  • The 3 & 4* with minions that steal buffs.
  • Counterattacking 3*
  • 4* that kills fiends + boosted health

I am not so blown away by 5s… bcoz the game has many good ones across new events, S4 & the soon to be launched S5 !
/ 4* heroes can be used immediately…

I would want more activities / events to be able to use the 3 & 4* heroes regularly !


I voted Wo3K because if the versatility offered in the different heroes. I absolutely love all the CoK I have been lucky enough to pull so far but imo there are more variations/variety of heroes offered in Wo3K.

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I personally would select option 4: wait for Festival. This portals give you the best chance to pull something non-S1. Otherwise, pull S3 or S4 - they are next in chances of getting sth good. From war or knights you will probably get just Dawas.

Clash of Knights is, for me, the best quest on this moment. I have Quenell, Esme, Lewena, Ferant and Franz. Franz is beast for titans, Ferant is amazing counterattack hero, Esme and Lewena could be a little bit better but they are ok. And my queen Quenell, I adore her. She is killing machine with her amazing special skill. I wish I got Quintin, Ludwig and Wolfgang.


I’m personally going to try and wait one more month for season 5. Those Egyptian heroes seems the strongest to me.


The 5* are definitely the best in the Flash of Fights.

The 4* however, are brilliant in the Chinese War Summon. Since you rather don’t have them, I’d pull some over there.

After you have them, go with the Knights.

So i found this, perhaps it may influence your decision.

Heroes we’ve seen in Beta that are not currently included:

  • Cao Cao
  • Sun Quan
  • Liu Bei

Cao cao is the one I wanted because of the minion dispel. But the most coveted one is diao Chan. But I will probably be pulling for wolf/raven this time round. Still want Quintin/Wolfgang

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Me too… good luck :crossed_fingers: :grin:

yea… but in a ten-pull you have a 20% chance that you get only s1. And in most of the remaining 80% cases there will be a one 3* from event. It means, to have a fair chance to get any event 4* you must do at least a 30-pull.

I also voted for CoK, i collect gems only for this event.
I love the artwork and the heroes specials and abilitys the most of all heroes in the game.
Allready have 3 Ludwigs, 2 Quintins, 1 Franz, 1 Ferant and all 3 star-knights (didnt keep the dupes of 3- and 4 stars) and want to have Wolfgang, Esme and Quenell as well.
Maybe i can manage to get a complete Raven/Wolf-Knight-Team :slight_smile:
Would not be the strongest, and no meta-breaker, but would make lots of fun playing with :smiley:

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I couldn’t say no to a cheeky ten pull from my saved gems and seriously lucked out with 2 legendaries. (Was just my time to get lucky, almost never happens!)

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