Clash of Knights community feedback

Personally, the only level I had trouble with in the *** mode was the final one. It took me days.

As for the other levels? My alliance never reached the threshold for entry.

My loot was unremarkable.


As others have pointed out, it is directed at top 100 - 1000. It is exclusionary by design. One way to ■■■■ off your customers is to try to alienate 95%+ of them.


Did first level - eventually
Gave up after 2 rounds on second level to concentrate on the 5* level but then gave up on that one after 5 rounds…
I’m not going to burn through my hard earned mats for nothing … and the Fn grind… argh!

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Tried 5 times and couldn’t finish level 10 of the easy round.
I only spent gems once when I thought I had a chance, but was killed off anyway.
No way was I wasting any more gems.
BTW - ALL my Heroes were maxed out.
My Healer couldn’t even keep up with the damage being dealt.

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It’s more and more about the money at SG. Just ridiculous. The ones they call their top players are just ‘BIG SPENDERS’ who get a lot of good heroes for the money they put into this game and always the good tiles that make them think they are top and put even more money into it. The prices are just ridiculously high. Top games with top graphics such as FIFA just cost €50. In this game you can make 60 calls and get 1 5* if you succeed.
Recently made over 100 calls with our alliance and 1 Helena came out. Completed season 2 and 3 myself and zero 5* heroes from the free pulse, Season 4 is going the same way. It goes the same way with the Heroes. WU KONG miss chance 32% even a child of 10 years who played in our Alliance sees that that is not right. That’s just SG fraud. Maybe they should split the game up for their Top Players ‘BIG SPENDERS’ and low payers because in our Allintiez we are topped off pumping money into this game. A game should be enjoyable and not stressful and irritating and that is what SG is achieving by thinking only of their top players. The majority is not.


It’s just another event that requires a massive grind to get top scores. Just like the tower events. The majority of people don’t have the amount of time to get the top scores

In all the 3 tiers : Rare, Epic, Legendary…. It is easily possible to complete with :slight_smile:

  • minimum use of basic battle items
  • use of a healer with cleansing abilities or else one items can be antidotes which is what I took.

I feel, many players complaining of it being difficult and also declaring that they have levelled heroes have an issue with how to play the levels and nothing wrong with the quest…… especially if one is not chasing high scores.

  • My heroes are not highly emblemed.
  • My 2* & 3* troops are at level 4
    I completed it all on day one….

So would suggest players to look up videos shared by experienced youtubers and get your hero teams & play style right … to play it out….
SG doesn’t have to change anything.

Second time around, also, CoK was a good alliance quest.

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i rly pulls x260 i only get rayan and he avreg and uslees wtf i pulls to much and i get this bad heros
i dont get wolfgang or ludw or qunyl ahh im mad

Es cierto, a mi alianza se le hizo difícil pasar las fases, y al final las recompensas eran muy bajas y las invocaciones la verdad que no son alentadoras.

This event was awful and I’m ashamed the developers took the time to create something that so heavily divided their fans even further. We have people upset about the difficulty, people upset about it being designed exclusively for their “whales” or the illustrious top players when others can’t do anything about it, and everyone upset about the terrible rewards. And then we have the people complaining about the complainers and just telling them to get good and it’s not designed for them but the upper class.


I took a cleanser and used 5-10 antidotes per level. I’ve still got an antidote hangover, grinding for clean cloths. Sure, I completed the event, but easy? No. It took a lot of time, and for what?

The rewards for completing the event were “you completed the event slap face”, or more tangibly, the real reward was not having to waste any more time or game resources banging head against a brick wall (since reaching the top 1000 was hahahaHAHAhaha no).

At least with a regular challenge event, I can finish #1022373738447382829192393388221 in the world and still at least get a bucket of emblems, and with far less work than this.

SG really overvalued the whole “well, maybe 100 big spenders will get a chance at some real aethers and that should motivate you, snicker” thing. (Or was betting that peer-pressure emotional blackmail means that you don’t actually have to give rewards in order to get people to burn game resources and spend money.)


I actually enjoyed the Alliance Quest. Since the rotation is Alliance Quest, Magic and Ninja on 3 months rotation only one Alliance Quest being four times a year is ok. More than that would drag the game. You need a full alliance commitment for this to work out. However Mythic Titans is becoming boring and spendy for Alliances. Monthly challenge events needs to stay on an individual basis so that we can focus on our rosters and develop better incremental improvements.

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While you found rewards to be not good, I found this time’s reward process to be fair & balanced = SG got it right.

I prefer a fair value to be given as per the effort & achieved result…. Which is what happened for top ranked players….
In first CoK got a very bad deal for the effort they put in and also achieved rankings.

I am fully aware that there r players who want a LOT & feel entitled to get it for their own personal reasons….
The game has to be fair to go with : EFORT & RESULT combo & not some emotional need of certain players.

I m impressed & happy that COK was managed well & made a bit more challenging…. This time.
After SG explained to my personal query, I like the way rewards of AETHERS r being calculated in all competitions…. Since they r main bone of contention for players at this moment.

Happy playing !

I and a lot of people put a lot of effort into this event, and if we weren’t top, say, 100, received basically… nothing.

My beef isn’t “top 100 players/teams could get something rare and good,” my beef is that everyone else… not so much.

It’s a big disincentive to play at all if you’re not already top in the world, compounded by the design to basically shame players into playing anyway even if outside the meaningful reward zone.

Some nice “consolation prizes” (similar to other challenge events) would help redress the balance: top players could still get rare goodies while the rest of us could earn even just enough emblems to make it feel like the time, effort, and resources spent paid off.


Well, while personally, I too want a LOT of rewards & benefits for JUST my efforts. However, I am also practical enough to understand, that it is NOT possible to have a perfect scenario.

That aside, I play this game for FuN & rewards are just ADD-ons, which I like but don’t decide & drive my total experience of this game.

SG / game knows that all won’t be happy, no matter what they do, so they do things within some sensible reasoning / logic & this time’s rewards structure was fairly good.

Actually, I found it brilliant, bcoz :

  • I was resources positive = got WEFs with less items used and got a score that I was happy, so stopped, which allowed me to enjoy the CoK !
  • It got Aethers in both alliance & personal rankings which had some surety instead of last time’s haphazard RnG distribution to anyone who has just played CoK getting loaded with high Aethers, while serious efforts by high ranking players didn’t get any.
  • Unfortunately, I did see some type of glee - happiness from some player comments that they were happy that higher ranked players didn’t get good rewards & why were they cribbing = I saw mocking
  • So, I personally don’t feel any sympathy for players who complain about MANY lacking just about all time.

Time & effort is a personal choice & I had laid out my boundaries, so I am again not disappointed, which might not be your case & many similar like you who might go heavy play - investment (time / resources) = again a personal choice which cannot be INDIVIDUALLY taken care by SG / game or any entity while dealing with a large player base.

  • They have laid out the structure of rewards = fairly transparent.
  • Also, I don’t understand all confusion, unless someone wants to anyhow - somehow stay confused… can’t help there !

Happy playing, if you still are !

Es bueno saber que se han comunicado después de mucho tiempo. Bienvenidos !

Bueno, la experiencia de todos nosotros fue personal y diferente. Disfruté el CoK, las recompensas fueron justas para mí según la clasificación que obtuvimos mi alianza y yo. Summons se trata de Suerte y, por lo tanto, sabemos cómo se desarrolla eso. Obtienes héroes y eres feliz, de lo contrario no eres feliz = Entonces, esa parte no le presto atención porque es emocional.

¡Feliz juego y espero que mi traducción de Google al español sea buena para que la leas! :smiley:

For whom?

For someone who has such a deep roster of heroes and/or items that the event cost very little in resources or effort?

I played for my alliance, full well knowing that the game was deliberately manipulating me into doing so for essentially zero reward, and for the miniscule chance of getting something out of the one summon, since getting non-grey summons seems to be getting fewer and farther between.

I got Bane.

This is the part where I get reminded “but the summon odds are CLEARLY POSTED and you knew WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO,” but it was insult added to the injury of the sad end-of-stage chests and watching my player ranking decay into oblivion because (1) I’d exhausted more resources than I’d cared to just to finish and (2) It. Was. Not. Fun.

If an event is going to be challenging, even grueling, then it should have a better reward than “you should do it for your alliance and everyone in your alliance will see it if you don’t.” Heck, it should have a better reward than bog-standard aspects of gameplay that occur multiple times a week, much less other challenge events.

Calling this event “brilliant” and rewarding the game by lessening rewards for the vast majority of players? That will just encourage the game to accelerate a trend of “we don’t have to make players even feel rewarded for playing, we just have to ever-increasingly set them against each other.”

No thank you.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have no interest in yours or anyone issues with : Summons, what heroes summons gives or not.

I have shared ONLY my experience about the CoK, that’s it !

  • I have built hero rosters like everyone else.
  • My 2* & 3* troops are at Level - 4 & 5
  • Already informed, I completed all the levels easily.
  • Since I didn’t chase anything crazy, I was happy with the rewards.

The bottom of every level chest rewards were already know from previous times, so there was no surprise for me… & I wasn’t dreaming of anything new :rofl:

You can go ahead and be ANGRY, agitated, upset…as much as you want… its not of my concern.
Any player chasing anything in the game has to do it on his own…
Game will not give anything extra all the time… OR as a special case to a specific player.

  • During CoK alliance quest, the Rankings changed for thousands of players regularly… & most of them were clear enough to understand it… while some get emotional… about why the ranking changed, as if players will let ranking stay fixed :rofl:

In case your have forgotten:

  • Titan rewards are nothing great whether you get A+, A or B… tier C gets good mats too !
  • Elemental chests have farmable items in them.
  • All other chests / missions we already know…

SO, what NEW thing has crashed, I am wondering !

Just one more voice to say the event was too long, too hard, required too many materials, the loot return for the effort was pathetic. I will not be doing it again at this level.


Agree with your assessment. One alliance (with some pretty powerful players) could not get past epic because lower players simply couldn’t finish the first stage.

My alt, in another alliance, had one member start to name and shame people who were not scoring high but they simply could not do better. We dont all have bundles of battle items or the time it takes to finish this quest.

I played as far as I could but even my strongest team struggled to the point it was not enjoyable. This is not the same as war because you cannot opt out and it makes other players anxious if they want to go further but cannot due to weaker players being stuck.

Too hard - way too hard. Please adjust.


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