Clash of Knights community feedback

Dear devs,
Kindly ask to consider two major issues with Clash of Knights.

1. Event is too hard.
Especially it affects Epic, levels 8-10.
Many top players spend many flasks just to complete Epic lvl. 10.
It’s frustrating and shouldn’t be like this.

Yes, I agree that previous version was way too easy.
But current version is too hard.

2. Epic and Legendary unlock thresholds are too high.
Look at the poll below, I conducted it in RU-community.
Alliances with 15+ members are mostly happy about current values, but the others are mostly frustrated.

You want players to go find bigger alliances?
Nope, it’s not hapenning. Players just ignore the event, 'cause they like theirs small alliances and they don’t want to adapt to new people.

On lower thresholds players will be able to compete for Individual top even in small alliances.
It won’t harm anyone, so why should we keep such thresholds?
Small alliance do donate too and bring you money as well as the big ones.

I’d propose to remove thresholds completly, but you’ll probably won’t agree to that.
Can me make it 1M Epic and 5M Legendary?
It will keep alliances with 5+ members motivated to compete for individual top.

Clash is a great event, I like it.
Just please make it more friendly to average-leveled players and small alliances.

@Petri , @Gabteeni , kindly ask for your attention.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Orange squares - alliance size.


It was ridiculously tough. I burned through items and gems to finally pull a Nashgar.


i am too. Event hard and loot sucks in finally


Totally agree! This time event was disappointed because of difficult.


I feel sorry for you, thankfully I pulled Valen.
The event was hard, but somehow I managed to finish it without using flasks or fancy items, just antidotes and mana potions. I didn’t care about my scores, just wanted to finish it. Was it really so hard for top players who have many strong heroes to just finish it? I have a really mediocre roster…
I’m just curious.


Also, please improve the rewards for the top 1k. A guaranteed aether 5* means more people competing, more resources spent, more WE refills used and bought, which would improve your bottom line AND make players happy. There is literally no downside to it for anyone.

Currently, players are better off playing it casually and just making the top 10k, since the rewards are essentially the same.


I support both suggestions. It is unreasonably hard (for the loot given), especially for small alliances


Yes, I can agree the levels were too hard, and the completion loot was nowhere near what we can get for completing challenge events.
At least a few Aethers should be guaranteed to everyone.
Eg: I am ok with top100"s guaranteed 5 star Aether.
Maybe 4 star Aether should be guaranteed for the middle range of players, and 3 star for the rest.


It’s true, event to hard…need to fix


Difficulty is relative. All I can tell is that it was significantly harder than other challenge events and that some of our top players didn’t even bother to get past rare 10.

P.s. My roster is rather mediocre as well, but challenge events are my favorite part of the game, so I invested in heroes suited for them. My experience may therefore be different than other players who have different priorities.

thanks for doing this! this describes my alliance 100% - we just complete what we can (complete Rare, Epic) and don’t bother replaying as we know we can’t unlock Legendary anyway :slight_smile: but none of us has considered moving to a bigger alliance just for this, as we love our little family-oriented alliance!


I didnt think the event was that hard. It is more about the depth of roster. I did well with full color stacking. I never had to replay a level.

Issue NUMBER 1 - I think the bigger problem is rewards were awful and not worth it. Next time I will not use items or just skip.

Issue NUMBER 2 - with our alliance of 15…it took until day 3.5 to unlock…not everyone pushing through these things…


I agree that it was much harder than other challenges and less enjoyable.
Maybe I was just lucky with good boards. I invested alot in my rare and epic heroes - I maxed all I got, I gave them emblems and LB them. I don’t have many legendary heroes, so I used epic heroes for a legendary difficulty.
I’m only very disappointed that for finishing all 3 difficulties I can get enough coins for just one pull. And there are no mysterious chests… So sad. :frowning:


Yes, the rewards are ridiculously bad. And I’m in the same spot, I emblemed and LBed all the “usual” challenge event 3* (c Gunnar, Nordri, etc) and mostly use 4* heroes for the legendary tier, but it’s pretty effective. I’m lucky enough to have Tarlak though, which makes it much easier.

I could easily make it into the top 1k - I did it in the 1st version and I was around 1,4k this time - but I didn’t see the point given the terrible loot.


I didn’t think it was TOO hard. I also don’t think it took a lot of resources, just some antidotes. I like that there was finally a challenge that was challenging, but doable, rather than mindlessly click and still beat everything like with most challenges.

The rewards did sort of suck, as usual (except for the X-mas event). Just for once I’d like some 4* ascension mats you know, since titans don’t even drop more than 1 every 2 months for me anymore.

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To my opinion the event was hard, but I find it good to have some occasional hard events.
What I find weird, though, is the surprisingly low rewards. They seemed significantly lower than, for example, challenge events, and with no correlation with the difficulty.

BTW, I am a player who never complained before on loot quality nor on loot probabilities.


My biggest issue with this event is that the current rewarding system, especially the one for alliances, is extremely skewed towards top 100 only.

The difference in rewards between alliance that lands at 99 spot and alliance that lands at spot 101 is very significant. Meanwhile, alliance that lands on spot 101 gets the same rewards as alliance landing at spot 999. And the difference in how competetive these two alliances and people in them want to be is extreme. Same is true for alliances at spot 11 vs spot 99. But I also understand how smaller alliances suffer from not being able to unlock the legendary tier, and this way preventing their top players from having chance at competing at least on individual level, unless they leave them which has them torn.

As a result, alliance morale suffers. After such event, we should be happy about our mutual achievement. Instead, alliances, especially those who hang our right outside top 10 or top 100 are devastated. Half of players frustrated about spending all their resources and time in vain and the other half either feeling responsible for the loss or deflecting, which causes further tensions, and voluntary or involuntary terminations.

It’s the second time this event was held and the result was the same - looking at my country scene many of the top alliances are in shreds. People being kicked out, people being disappointed and leaving, cursing their former friends or devastated that they have to leave them to stay competetive on individual level. Even long time players quiting the game. @Petri @KiraSG @Gabteeni should that be the effect of the ALLIANCE activity? It’s wrong! You must have some metrics that can prove this and show that some rework is needed.

I alarmed this could be the case when this was in beta, and it really turns out I was right. I won’t make any recommendations how to fix it as you’ll probably know better but something should be done. I understand this is built around peer pressure to drive some competition but it can’t be this strong. It’s very unhealthy for the community.


Well, how exactly Alliance quest disrupts the alliances? )

Many alliances kick players out for bad performance on war - well, does it mean that wars are bad?

As an alliance activity I think it’s great.
Rather better than Myth Titan.

P.S. Clash needs fine tuning - yes, that’s correct, I started this topic ))
But the concept in general looks really good to me.


Personal experience, had 3 friends quit the game after last alliance quest, started March-April of 2019… they all have spent decent chunks of money in the game. This is the type of outcome they are getting by pushing too much and the wrong content, decrease revenue.


Events and wars are a bit different in my opinion so you can’t really compare them…
Wars don’t need: Items, flasks, lot of time, etc…
So it happens quite often I think that some alliances want to push in the CoK event but not all can or want to compete in the same way, this may (and is for sure) causing discrepancies in alliances…

I guess you play in the top tier (top 100 -1000 alliance) like me, so for us it’s maybe not such a big issue but for alliances in the middle region it can be a real test to prove their cohesion…

just my 2 cents :wink:

About the rest, I am absolutely with you, it was too much this time, we’ll see if they change it for the next time…


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