Clarissa where to place her

Where would you place Clarissa and why? Does it work for Titans? Is it useful for assaults? In defence ?

She isn’t the best for titans but she is good expecially on wars and raids attacks and she give her best when tanking/flanking. Nice to have on every tournament but rush battles.

AoE/spalsh DoT heroes have to be on tank/flank position to give their best, making so that the autoattacks and the direct damage of your defense would pile up quickly and kill attackers.

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Thinking of putting her on my raid defense. The Clarissa/JF/Vela DOT would be nasty stacked together

Was thinking of putting her in my raid defence to replace Domitia… but not sure if on flank or wing.
Currently I have:
Domitia, Richard costume, Telluria, Red Hood, Onatel…
But now also have Clarissa, Magni, Joon costume, Jean-Francois and Grazul to consider

Fighter Joon - Clarissa - Telluria - Jean-François - Magni

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Finley ~ GM ~ Telluria ~ Vela ~ Clarissa
Clarissa ~ Vela ~ Telluria ~ GM - Finley

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