Clarissa vs seshat

good point! I think it depends if the OP wants a varied roster, raiding variety of heroes or options for war.

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Clarissa as viarety is a good thang being you got seshat maxed already

I agree with all who are saying

Seshat #1 > Clarissa, but

Clarissa > Seshat #2

If you frequently fight yellow tank wars where most / all teams put up Guinevere, I could see a case for that second Seshat now. But I doubt that’s the case.


I don’t have Seshat, but I have Clarissa+8 and she serves me well. From what I see, Clarissa is a multipurpose hero. I use her everywhere. In defense, in offense, in map stages, in the events, Clarissa had never let me down! She is great everywhere! Especially when she is in the same team with my Kage, man they’re unstoppable!

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Just popping in here and Alberiching this thread, since it’s so similar to my upcoming decision.

I just got my 5th Tabard, and so I just need one more to do a Purple ascension. The decision I have to make is Seshat or Clarissa.

My maxed 5* Purple: Kunchen, Ursena+17, Kage
Other significant purple: 3-70 Sartana, 3-70 Obakan, I have a total of three Clarissa to mess with “someday”… and among 4* I have two Costume Rigard and 4 maxed Proteus. So I have a lot of options.

I think this decision goes to Seshat, even though I already have Kage as a sniper. The main factor on this is that I’m currently adding emblems to Telluria so if I max Clarissa, she won’t get emblems for a while. But for Seshat, I have 387 Ranger emblems stockpiled that can go straight to her once she is maxed.

But since it’ll be a while before I have enough tabards to ascend another, I guess I want to be sure. Would the consensus for my situation be that Seshat is the way to go?

Good gaming!

Seshat for me, especially since it is your first.

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Another vote here for Seshat, especially since you already have saved some ranger emblems.
Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have both and chose Seshat, no regrets! She’s really great and helps a lot in raids and levels

If you are using a purple mono in attack…clarissa is your choice…everything else SESHAT


Seshat one of the best allrounder in game

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