Clarissa special not correct

Anyone else have an issue with Clarissa’s DoT? I have her special maxed and it is only 152 over two turns. Her card on the summon portal shows 224 over two turns.

I cant get a screen shot to post for some reason

It is the 224 only once finally ascended and leveled (ie, at 4/80). What level do you have yours at?

Also, to add, it’s based on the attack stat, hence the need to be at 4/80 to have the ‘advertised’ amount.


Oh really? I didn’t know that. I thought the attack stat just affected how much was dealt on the first special line. I thought the DoT was a fixed amount. Thanks for the clarification

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Certainly! Also, the DoT can exceed the stated 224 as well, with troops or emblems boosting the stats as it nears/achieves 4/80.


Obligatory linky link:

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