Clarissa poison stack with Jabberwock?

I have searched for this but haven’t seen my specific question answered and then I have a few more inquiries. Thanks in advance!

Basically if either has the poison attack on an enemy and the other one attacks would it stack or would 1 cancel the other out?

If they do cancel each other out does that mean they make a bad combo?

What heroes would be a good partner with Clarissa? You know like a 1-2 punch or possibly more than that.

They overwrite, like other same-effect status effects.

So whichever one fires second will replace the Poison from the first.

It depends on context.

You could, on Offense, use Clarissa to hit a tank and both flanks, and Jabberwock to hit the wings. They pair excellently there.

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Cancel out

But now u can poison 5 in 8 tiles…i envy you

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Note that Jabberwock poison cant be dipspelled, so Clarissa poison cant overwrite Jabberwock’s


Slight correction on some of the above. They MOSTLY overwite… Depends on who fires first.

Jabberwock poison is undispellable.

So if you fire Clarissa then Jabberwock at the same target’s, jabber will overwrite.

If however you fire Jabberwock first THEN Clarissa at the same target, the Poison will not overwrite… Clarissa’s just won’t apply.


Thank you all for the timely responses! I have since tried them together farming season 2 and i am quite pleased.

@zephyr1 is correct they are very fun when used in that context !

Can’t raid with her yet but can’t wait until i can!

Thanks again everyone else you can close this thread!!

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