Clarissa or Ursena?

I have been working on Ursena, but just drew Clarissa. I can fully level one. Which to choose?

I currently have fully leveled:
G. Panther
Costumed Rigard
Costumed Tiburtus

Do you need a tank or an all-rounder?

Ursena if you need a tank, Clarissa for everything else.

In my honest opinion, BOTH. But with your current roster, I would focus on Clarissa first.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

I have exactly the same dilemma. I currently have Telluria and Kunchen as a tank. But I‘m not the biggest fan of Telli. Yes she is good but I don‘t like her playstyle. So I started working on Ursena. Now as she is ready for last ascension the game is giving me Clarissa. I think both of them can be a good tank. Ursena has massiv burst and Clarissa more sustain as she ist paladin and has a strong elemental link. Also damage of Clarissa is good as the dot cannot be lowered by def and she likely fires more often then Ursena.

You only need usena to fire once :sweat_smile:

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I do not fully agree :slight_smile: most times I fight against her firing once is not an issue (if not stacking yellow). I mostly raid with rainbow teams. I just need to make sure not to charge the flanks too. If all three fire before my healer is charged the match is over.

Lol Clarissa before release was being discussed and even being underestimated to S1 purples level.
One day after her release is paired with a beast like Ursena .
I dont get it


Difficult decision. As I have ursena, i let you in some of her strengthes and weaknesses from my point of view.


  • great tank. With 18+ emblems one of the best surely.
  • great great great on titans. You are not only immune to enemy special, it even does a hell of additional damage on the titan
  • great against defenses with 2 yellow hitters, or one yellow hitter on flank. Reflect is just cool.
  • great in all events or bosslevels with yellow boss


  • not too cool against yellow tanks as you would think, as she is too slow to fire before tank dies, and then the reflect is just pointless
  • worst finisher ever. If Target lower than 50% she is more a renfeld, than a ursena :wink:

So without having clarissa yet i think clarissa is stronger in pvp and war, while ursena is over all the better hero.

Have fun with both!!


Thank you for this detailed summary.

I still think that the decision is not that easy. Maybe I will wait some days to see how it develops.

I have Ursena at +9 and use her in just about everything. I just drew Clarissa today too. Ursena is much better defensively where I think Clarissa will do better offensively.

My setup is Kingston + 11 Ariel +10 Telly +11 Ursena +9 and Joon +10 (with costume bonus) and it has held me around 2600~ cups. Ursena is good because she literally chunks the enemy down making your snipers live and makes their yellows useless unless they have a yellow healer.

The bad thing about Clarissa is her class, as I see no reason to give her emblems over Telly any time soon, but she is still strong offensively with V. Fast mana and bonus damage to yellow. She resists posion which means placing her on wing vs a defense with Jabber is ok.

It’s a tough decision but I’d go Ursena as she has more utility, and she is more flexible.

Sadly I don’t have Ariel. I think she would be great together with Ursena as the tank. I have to stick to Vivica, Kunchen of Telly for heal. I also have Delilah but she is not levelled at all.

Well, my understanding of pvp defense is to play without full healers at all. You dont have to win with full heroes. Its just a race.

A race where its about “you or him”. I often play blinds on enemy healers when the board smells like SG trying to bully me, because a healer that heals a team of 4 (lets say tank is dead already) from 100% life up to 100% life effectively healed about… lets see… 100 minus… mh hmhm… 0,0 % total.

Me neither. What’s so special about her besides being hotm?

I want to revive this thread as i have the same doubt.
Should i max Clarissa or Ursena ? only have enough tabards for one .

My maxed crew.


Rigard costume x2

li xiu
hu tao
wu kong




thanks in advance !

I like those explicit questions. Its so nice not to spam in threads with 100+ answers in two hours.

Okay @Lexxtarc my personal choice for you would be Ursena

Why? Because i think your roster brings a decent chance to use clever synergy.
Rigard costumed
Tiburtus costumed

That mono purple team can crush a LOT because the combo of rockstar tiburtus and defdown, plus attack up from nice guy rigard, plus ursena just bursts into all enemies like hell.
And then proteus will be enough to finally kill the right or the left side of the enemy.

Combined with wukong you have a great titan team with ursena yellow reflect. Make sure not to stop the titan mana with proteus, because you want the titan to smack himself heavily.

For all normal Monster content and even for farming (yes, i count that in, because hours of hours of farming atlantis make you go crazy) ursena is heads up.

only negative arguments are

  • your purple team is quite average in mana
  • ursena ist cruel when it comes to targets lower than 50%. She barely does any damage there.
  • clarissas speed and special defense up also is quite cool.

I have ursena maxed as tank (clarissa unleveled because she waits after kageburado) and still think that she is on top with few other tanks (nooo I dont start with THAT hero here):

I would say 75% pro ursena and 25% clarissa.

Set your defense with vela, mist, ursena, joon, Hansel and its almost save 2400+ cups

Aaah and you can burn sorcerer talents on ursena. There are not many good 4 or 5 star sorcerers in the game. Paladin (clarissa) has many good heroes, mostly tanks.

Okay, thats all from me. Somewhere I had already postet many pro and con on ursena, so if it wasnt enough information yet, you would have to search through my stuff :wink:

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As long as she fires early :joy:

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People on here always whine like mad about any hero that’s looking potentially OP in betas and gets nerfed a bit before release… It doesn’t matter if it’s still a good hero, people get upset that they’re not receiving the OP beast they were hoping for.

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Thanks @Enni. I have decided to go with Ursena . Im close to 3/70 now so when Morlovia hits i will be able to ascend her asap.

Thanks again for such complete information.
only a question. In a defense team is better Mist than li xiu? I ask this because my alliance runs purple tanks . In order to set properly the flanks

I could try something like that … if i drop cups at least will revenge later

If he maxed out the costumes and has lv5 mana troops, they cRigard and cTibs become psuedo fast since they only need 9 tiles to charge, and match-3 means they’re fast 90% of the time.

FWIW I drag cRigard and cTibs to almost every raid unless facing a purple tank. When both go off, sometimes I can one shot 3 heroes.