Clarissa or Salmon

I have Clarissa. I also have Ursena, Hel and Satana all with emblems. Domitia and Okaban are at 3/70. I have GM +18 which stacks with Clarissa. My question is will the upcoming dark Salmon be more worthy of my tabards?
My absolutely favourite 3* is Kvasir and I suspect Salmon may be similar. Thoughts? Clarissa or wait and hope for Salmon?

we haven’t seen Round 2 of the Legendary heroes in S3 yet. Salmon Loki is Round 3 :slight_smile:
Not sure how long you want to wait, I assume it will take at least 2 months and in which speed you get tabards.


I hope for a tabard a month but in reality is probably takes longer. Which hero do you prefer if you had to choose 1?

Clarissa is great, but with your heroes I think you should be looking more at Panther rather than Salmon. Heck, Salmon may not even arrive by the time we get our next purple HotM. So I’d focus on the cards in hand.

Another point against Salmon Loki - it doesn’t scale that great into 4.80. At 3.70 has about 75% of its full potential.


I’d go with the bird in hand too, but I also think Salmon is going to finally be the anti-minion hero that’s been wanted.

As you say, Kvasir is a wonderful 3*, and Salmon is just a very beefed up version.

But it may be 6+ months before he appears.

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This would be kind of a tough decision for me too. I’ve actually just made a similar one.

I’m also a big fan of Kvasir, and it struck me before that Freya is somewhat like a 5* version of him. Then reading this thread and looking up Salmon Loki, it seems like him/her and Freya are really similar, both dark 5* with fast speed and 20%/20% minions. I think the DoT that Salmon’s minions deliver is more valuable than the “other minion boost” that Freya’s minions do, but on the other hand Freya also gives all allies +30% defense. Of course it’s unsure until release what Salmon’s final version will be.

So the decision I just had to make was between Freya and Clarissa. My choice was to go with Freya, for several reasons - I’d tried her not even at 3.70 yet, and quite liked what she could do (similarly satisfying to see those minions build up, as it is with Kvasir). Second, I am very light on 5* healers, and while not technically a healer, those minions can have the same effect more or less. And I do not have a GM to stack DoT along with Clarissa (though I have JF at 3.70, I’m unsure whether to take him to max before Tyr or not, so it might be a while).

If you had a Salmon, it would be a great choice. But so would Clarissa… honestly hard to really go wrong.

I do agree with the “bird in the hand” advice though… you may hope to land a Salmon, but realistically the odds of landing one specific non-HotM 5* are just very very small. Unless you’re a whale of a spender and even then it’s not sure. So for that reason I would not leave Clarissa sitting on the shelf, especially as she also looks like a great option anyway. If you get lucky enough to land Salmon (or perhaps Freya, which I think you’d also like), then if Clarissa isn’t on her final ascension tier yet you could still change course, or else you have a hero to look forward to in the future when you’ve collected more tabards. Either way I think you’ll have a great hero to enjoy.

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I like both. I have Clarissa maxed and she is fantastic and part of one of my most effiicient stacks (Heimdall, Clarissa, Kingston, Seshat, C-Rigard). I am currently leveling a second (in other words: I didn’t wait). Salmon is someone I’d really want too but as I said, I am expecting a long wait. There are 2 heroes in Round 2 and 3 in Round 3. We will see him the earliest in 2 months.


Thanks for all the responses. Clarissa it is. :heart:


I would wait until we know more about Salmon.

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For one it’s not Salmon any more. Now it’s Bera.

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We don’t know for sure if that’s confirmed.

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If you only need one tabard, your wait will be probably be a few days. The Molrovia quest is likely to occur early next week.

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:scream: but with the same specs?

Thank you. I actually need 2. But am optimistic.

A very comprehensive answer. Thank you for your time and effort. :heart:

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