Clarissa or Kunchen im torn

I already have 2 seshats, sartana, kageburado, alfrika, guardian panther, tothamun, mokarr, captain sargasso at 4/80 (and costume rigard)
I have clarissa, kunchen, domitia, quintus at 3/70 - who should i ascend now that i have 6 more tabards

I have Kunchen maxed and rarely ever use him… Like maybe once per 4-6 months in a Rush Attack tournamnet…?

I find him just outclassed by Rigard, particularly if you have the costume (for the mana boost)… L11 mana troop to mana break, L5 if you pick up the Node 8 mana boost on the costume talent tree…

So personally? I would go with either Quintus or Clarissa :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have Clarissa +18 and she is great. I also have C.Quintus +10 and he hits like a truck. Plus C.Rigard +20.
So agree with @Guvnor Clarissa over Kunchen

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