Clarissa + Lianna or Telluria + Jabberwock

Got the tabards and tonics. Which pair should I ascend, noting available emblems?

Clarissa (400 emblems) + Lianna (442 emblems)
Telluria (400 emblems) + Jabberwock (116 emblems)

Other maxed 5 star heroes:
Tyr +2
Elena +7
Mother North +5
Sif (working to +8)

Notable 4* heroes:
Wilbur +18
Proteus +18
Rigard costume +18
Melandor costume +18
Grimm +18

One other consideration is Clarissa at 1.1, others each at 3.70.

Misandra - Tyr- telluria - sif- Jabber looks very good to me even though you will have an emblem conflict between tyr and Misandra but you would have had the same problem if you chose clarissa/lianna over telluria/jabber

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