Clarissa, isn't explaining it at all / Is Clarissa out or not?

I’m in England and want to do a ten pull but she’s not showing at the top of the summons page is she not there for me yet?

If you click the question mark at the top below Atmos you can see HoM


She is hiding in the little blue box with the “?” symbol on it. Behold…


Aha thank you very much

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I was referring to the OP snapshot.


Whoops. I guess the Atlantis splash has different characters. My mistake.

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I want to pull Clarisse since the only color I don’t have a 5* hero is purple.
I have been farming atlantis coins last month and now I have 600 of them. My doubts are:

  • I still don’t see Clarissa on the summon screen, at the top, where the HOTM usually is. Is she available already?
  • If so, can she be pulled with atlantis coins? I know there is a 1.3% chance but not sure if she is available or if something changed… Don’t wanna waste my coins n_n’


She should be out, I have already pulled her.

Really?!?!? that was fast.

I have noticed that during Atlantis HOM isn’t running across the top.

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On the top banner of the summons portal click the small question mark on the bottom right corner, she’ll pop up then.

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@Guvnor, merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


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