Clarissa – 5* Dark/ Purple - May 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

I went into Atlantis with no expectations but prayed to RNGesus and then this happens:

My question now is, should I still use my remaining 200 Atlantis coins and 3k gems to try to pull Clarissa? My only other purple 5* is freya. I dont have any of the other featured heroes. No Wilbur, no Triton. I do have proteus tho.

@Elnessis at least you got 2 Kage, Ranvir and 2 Clarissa. I got Telluria off one EHT in March, then did freaking over 130 summons in April just for Malosi. Hope you get Grave soon too!


Counterquestion: do you plan to pull from other portals this month?
How many costume chamber’s keys / event coins / valhalla coins do you have?

Wow. I was just toying with the same idea. Though I don’t have delilah.

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Yes, GM will end up with a slightly higher attack stat due to his class having one more attack mode but the difference will be negligible when it comes to direct damage. In other words, they will deal basically similar damage of they hit the same Red, Purple, or Blue hero. However GM will deal about 140 more DoT to that hero compared to Clarissa.

If they hit a Nature hero though, GM will deal 25% direct damage more and roughly 175 DoT more over 2 turns.

If they hit a Holy hero, Clarissa will deal 70% more direct damage and roughly 20 DoT less than GM.

GM will have the DoT advantage throughout but Clarissa will compensate a large portion of it with her extra direct damage and make up for the rest with the rest of features. In today’s meta, durability is more valuable than 100 extra damage at best over two turns IMHO.


I only have 4 costume keys. Wasted 25 costume keys last month trying to get Malosi even though I know they’re about to release new costumes (interested in Magni, Sartana and older ones like Lianna, Joon). I will have 30 Challenge coins(POV) and more from Fables of Grimforest and was thinking of pulling for Puss in Boots (not sure if theres a viable synergy with Puss+ Telluri+ Freya). Not sure if they’re any news of what hero will be featured in this month Valhalla but atm, I’m only interested in Tyr as I got Heimdall, Freya, Ratatoskr when trying to pull for Malosi last month.

You can tell me why 25% versus 70%.

Going for an Atlantis or a Valhalla :gem: pull would give you a better return than an event pull, I would suggest you to freely pull until the Valhalla portal would open and to use your gems there if you wouldn’t have already got Clarissa.

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Thanks for the advice! Is Valhalla adding new 4s anything soon? I already have all S3 3 and 4*.

After the hero release tests were being done again and the results were that Clarissa’s extra damage to holy heroes is:

70% bonus damage on the 135% damage bullet point
33% bonus damage on the 224 damage over 2 turns bullet point

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Yes, they are going to release more of them :slight_smile:

New Season 3 Rare and Epic Heroes added.

  • Rare Heroes:
    • Sudri
    • Jarvur
    • Grevle
    • An-Windr
    • Agnes
  • Epic heroes:
    • Gullinbursti
    • Fura
    • Almur
    • Jott
    • Shadereave

🧪 Early Information on NEW Rare & Epic Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V29] here you can see the details :slight_smile:


Ok. GM 25% extra damage against Nature. k?

Just to be clear(I was super tired at the time of writing)…

I have the Boss Wolf at 3/70. I have 7 tabards. I acquired a missing tome of tactics at the same time as Clarissa. I will now level her before him.

I could then integrate her in my defense team, joining Ursi, Seshat and Joon.

In fact, I’d like some advice on that. @Ender_BattleSchool @Mr.Spock @Rigs @Olmor @Guvnor… or should I start a seperate thread…

Allgemein weiß ich nicht, aber ich hab Victor, Valeria (4*), Malosi…

You are asking how to incorporate Clarissa into your Defense? I think that is a good topic for here. I will be honest…you have the makings of a good Yurple team…but I am obviously biased lol…check out my new defense tomorrow :wink:

And if you are building around a Telly tank you have good options for Two purps or rainbow.

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As much as I love Seshat, go for Clarissa. This comes from a guy that’s got max Seshat, Kage and Sartana. The odds to pull Seshat during Atlantis is way too low.

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Clarissa seems to be the better option imo. Very fast and special skill defense link especially when paired with other purples. Boss may shine on tank and rush tournaments, but I’m not sure about him, since he’s so rare. He wasn’t very challenging on those say 10 raids where I faced him. Malosi counters him completely now.

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Malosi may have retired the Boss



I have no Tel, basing my team around Ursi tank. So for yurple, which I aspire to, I could go…

My current def team…

Some spare yellows…

I’d need to spend some ham on additional troops of course, always slow, it’s sooo expensive.

Second Joon is on the backburner, I like variety!

I went for Inari over the others cos I have almost 500 rogue emblems.

that top one is promising…a lot of speed and damage and Inari not only will help survival, but cant be countered with Ursenas reflect for those stacking purple

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Yeay, thank you! I just needed (need) endorsement of Inari for that flank position, she is passive after all.

But I figured Malosi can’t be trusted with the AI and no chance of emblems.
Neith is, I believe, a good defender, but no chance of emblems, they belong to Sesh.
Roostley I just don’t know.