Clarify terminology used in probability tables (poll added)

Now with a poll!

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So, I propose to give a category of heroes that can be

  1. Summoned in Epic Hero Summon portal
  2. Summoned in Elemental Summon portal
  3. Trained in Training Camps
    a new name, “Trainable Hero”.

So there can be
Common Trainable Hero
Uncommon Trainable Hero
Rare Trainable Hero
Epic Trainable Hero
Legendary Trainable Hero

So, in probability table, for all summoning portal and in shops, adjust categories to clarify, what heroes can be summoned/bought.

For example, for Event Portal, following text is proposed:

Rare Trainable Hero: 71.0%
Epic Trainable Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Trainable Hero: 1.5%

Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero: 1.0%

Bonus Draw:
Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Clarification is needed, because current terms are not clear enough and leave a room for misinterpretation.

For example, “Legendary Hero” is ambiguous and its meaning depends on context. In some contexts, it means any 5* hero. In other, it means “5* you can get from TC20 or Epic/Elemental summon portal”.

Another feature request, based on the idea above, is to show Hero Category on the Hero Card.

For example, Ares is Hero Of The Month, Vivica is Legendary Trainable Hero, and Arthur is Legendary Event Hero. Wilbur is Epic Atlantis Hero etc.

This is most useful when you see other people’s teams, like Defence Team in Raids and Alliance Wars. So you can understand where you can get those heroes without need to shuffle through all the possible outcomes in every summoning portal.

Update: let’s have a poll on terminology!

What is better? You can have up to 3 votes.

  • Legendary Trainable Hero
  • Legendary Basic Hero
  • Legendary Classic Hero
  • Legendary Season 1 Hero
  • Legendary Karemdol Hero

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If you’re putting it up as a suggestion, work on the wording. Legendary, Epic, Rare - fine. Event, Atlantis - fine. Trainable? Trainable is not the source of the heroes (as Event or Atlantis), but indicates a quality (not sure of the proper english word here: ~trait), i.e. a hero possible to train…? :neutral_face:

Some more on the point suggestions, to get you working: ‘Basic’ or maybe ‘Season 1’. This will also be usable when refering to different ‘seasons’ of HotM, like ‘Season 1 HotM’. If you want to make that kind of distiction. Which is obviously needed, otherwise people will feel cheated getting a new HotM when they were expecting an old HotM, because of reasons (void any ordinary pull descriptions, as they’re obviously too enigmatic).

(Edit: Sorry for double post (in another thread).)

En additional edit: maybe I should mention that I’m not against a suggestion making definitions more clear. :smile:

BUT - talking about terminology - the title of this suggestion is just atrocious! :joy: I say this with love! :wink:

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I’m in favor of calling them Basic or Classic heroes.


It is clear that
Rare Hero: 3 stars
Epic Hero: 4 stars
Legendary Hero: 5 stars

why do you have doubts?

Oh it’s not about rare, epic and legendary, only the different types; the original gang, Heroes of the Month, Quest/Event specific, Season 2 (Atlantis), New HotM …

I explained that this is not ambiguouse but clear. There is only one meaning: Legendary=5 star hero

Same for “trainable”:
Trainable= any hero from normal summon Portal as all of them (theoretically) can come from TC20.

When I read the odds I see not really room for mis-understanding…

I’m principally with you, but you don’t see the paradox of explaining to someone who’s obviously thinking it is (or could be) ambiguous, that it’s not ambiguous…? :wink:

Then again – there’s got to be some sort of reasonable smallest denominator for definitions. I have no problem understanding the definitions, and Event etc. being a specification. This suggestion stems from a (now locked) thread regarding probabilities pulling different types of legendary heroes (during the event). I don’t think the definitions were really the problem, but that’s me.

But if we’re talking about definitional consistency, it could be argued that original heroes not having a specification could lead to ambiguity under certain circumstances. And if we can get rid of this possible ambiguity just by adding a specification – sure, whatever, do it.

OK. Guess I know what you mean.
So if I view e.g. Ulmer in summon Portal it should say somewhere: Ulmer rare, trainable hero, right?

Yeah, exactly. (But with a better word than ‘trainable’, IMO.)

Edit: Hey - the season 1 map/region/land even has a name, if this would be something to use, as ‘Atlantis’ is obviously the specification for a season 2 hero. It’s called Karemdol, if I’m not mistaken. The best thing about using this name is that it would – if possible – only add to the confusion! :joy:

I want to gather some more variants of word “Trainable” and then make a poll.
So far, we got:

  • Legendary Trainable Hero
  • Legendary Basic Hero
  • Legendary Classic Hero
  • Legendary Season 1 Hero
  • Legendary Karemdol Hero

If we won’t get more suggestions in next 2 days, I’ll make a poll.

Added a poll with abovementioned choices.

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